• Yes

  • No

4% 1 votes
96% 22 votes
  • I am an atheist, but evidence of a multi-verse, that is the existence of infinite universes, that would mean there and infinite amount of universes that have a god, and an infinite that don't.

  • No because in every religion it is said that there is A Parallel Universe within every human.In fact discovery of a Parallel Universe will force atheists to reconsider.

  • Scientific discoveries have nothing to do with the existence of any deities. Parallel universes would neither support nor refute a deity in general, though it might ding certain mythologies more than others.

  • The only way that science will prove that God doesn't exist, is that if science can prove that God doesn't exist. To prove that God doesn't exist is to prove that the teachings in God, as in through the Bible, is just a sham and isn't true.

    Posted by: yay842
  • No, of course not.

  • I think it might strengthen the belief due to the possibility of more than one universe.

  • Just because there are more parallel universes doesn't mean that god doesn't exist.What are you really trying to prove here?

  • It does not disprove God. The idea of God being omnipotent, and creator, just means He -can- create more than one universe.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • No, in fact I think it would do the opposite. I am pretty sure that only an omnipotent entity could create more than one universe.

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Scythe says2013-09-14T06:18:00.9170724-05:00
Just to put this out there, when it comes to proofs and logical shenanigans, a universal negative cannot be proven to be true by any philosophical/logical argument and especially science itself.

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