• Yes

  • No

63% 17 votes
37% 10 votes
  • If no one fought each other or was against each other, then we wouldn't be nuking each other or hurting each other. There would be no violence, no hate, and no negativity. We'd all be happy with each other and for each other.

    Posted by: yay842
  • It also depends on why we would be globally unity because in reality it's virtually impossible.

  • While it would be better if we were united as one, it's still as impossible as ever. There is too much diversity in beliefs, intelligence, more.. Truth be told, nobody really knows how to be united and set aside our quarrels.

    Posted by: Custer
  • Humanity would be much better off if it were globally united. Differences of opinion and belief will always remain, but the less war and conflict the better!

  • No man is worthy of ruling fellow men though. Lack of satisfaction causes ripples among the masses & thus imperfect beings can never accomplish anything

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TheUglyChildren says2013-09-13T22:36:59.9632184-05:00
Just going to say that being globally united has not, is not, and will not be possible. One of the, if not the main cause of the division of ourselves on the planet is because of disagreeing religions. For all people to be united, everybody in existence would have to overlook or get through that conflict, including the religious extremists that murder and martyr themselves in the name of their God. Two words, Good Luck... Also the matter of governments. How will anyone manage to get 7 billion people to agree on a single system of government? Communism and Democracy don't mix. Even if a system is formed. That is too much power for even a group of people to have.
Disquisition says2013-09-13T23:31:19.7177101-05:00
Edit meant to say united#

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