• Yes

  • No

26% 8 votes
74% 23 votes
  • I think modern Christians make many claims on the basis of the Bible that Jesus would not make of it.

  • we have Sinned

  • I'm sure he never wanted all those big palaces they call churches. Or people like O'Reilly calling themselves men of Faith, even when they hateful and opportunist people. I do think that Jesus would've been on the pro-gay rights side. But yeah, I don't believe in his holiness.

    Posted by: Jero
  • I'm no Christian, but my mother was and I was thought in their ways. And from the likes of it, it seems most of them are hating others. What happened to love your neighbor?

  • No. If the Bible is telling the truth, then he would not have wanted people killing one another because someone disagrees. I am atheist and i think it is hypocritical for a Christian to call me a "Ignorant disgrace of god". He wouldn't approve of this New world's Christianity.

    Posted by: Rim
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Dilara says2014-05-10T21:56:11.1905568-05:00
No. He would not aprove of people saying hurtful things and beng judgemental and hurting people for being different.
Charliecdubs says2014-05-12T09:07:44.3147111-05:00
I don't know whether he would or not and no one can really say. First of all you cannot say that he was definitely real let alone if anything he was supposed to have said he actually said. But if you make the assertion that the New Testament version of his life in English was true then I guess you could say he would have mixed feelings. I am confused as to where everyone gets the idea that Jesus was such a great guy. Nothing that people say he did was good was original I mean did he ever say something nice I could not have come up with on my own, I didn't learn the golden rule from Jesus nor did he invent it and I highly doubt anyone needed or learned that from Jesus. He also said a lot of horrible things (Luke 48 talks about beating your slave) and makes it clear that he agreed with everything the old testament said. As to saying hurtful things about gays he probably would not have a problem with that since both old and new testament as well as apocrypha say they should be stoned to death as well as those who leave the faith. However he certainly did not like the rich so all the money that Christian churches make and keep would not please him. He would would as I said have mixed feelings but would not be upset with what upsets you (if you are talking about Biblical Jesus). Jesus would certainly not not be pleased with "the church" but also would not see eye to eye with most people on this poll either.

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