Would Mitt Romney have been the best president since Reagan?

Posted by: TeaPartyAtheist

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StarTrek says2013-09-17T20:57:10.3027652-05:00
@imabench If you are a liberal, you are even dumber. Name one thing good about Obama.
StarTrek says2013-09-17T21:55:25.3220845-05:00
@imabench I hope you realize you are the only no that is liberal.
imabench says2013-09-17T22:06:42.2525486-05:00
You want to try asking that in English or is that your second language?
Projectid says2013-09-18T06:05:30.1968036-05:00
MAGIC UNDERWEAR.....That says it all!
henryajevans says2013-09-19T03:15:48.4433747-05:00
He'd have been the worst since Reagan, and not for a lack of competition.
StarTrek says2013-09-19T06:51:41.8423270-05:00
I don't know how you can say Obama is better than Reagan in that statement, only that you clearly have a demented view on politics. Why would Romney be a bad president? Just because he is Republican? He knows more about economics than Obama because he has more experience. The economy is the number one concern of Americans right now. They just like the idea of having a black president.
imabench says2013-09-19T17:38:57.8436514-05:00
Dont mind star trek, hes a f*cking moron
StarTrek says2013-10-02T17:42:54.0003214-05:00
You are an immature eleven year old.

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