Would Of Elizabeth Warren Done Better Against Hillary Clinton?

Posted by: reece

Give your reasoning.

  • Yes

  • No

33% 2 votes
67% 4 votes
  • No. Bernie, for all his faults, is a much more experienced politician than Warren and has more revolutionary talent. His social democratic message was only possible through talk of a "Not Me, Us" movement that used himself as a catalyst for real social change. Warren would not have done that. She doesn't have the speaking power or motivation to take that avenue - a very dangerous line of attack that came abnormally close to dislodging the most set-in-stone political nominee since Al Gore.

  • Warren has more baggage and isn't very experienced. She also is more disliked by the GOP than Bernie and she isn't quite as left wing. I think she should have endorsed Bernie, which would have helped a lot.

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triangle.128k says2016-06-09T23:51:27.2038448Z
Warren is such a cancerous leftist.
reece says2016-06-10T08:03:16.5953018Z
What's Jill Stein?
triangle.128k says2016-06-10T15:04:09.6911367Z
Jill Stein is probably worse politically, but she has a sense of sanity. Just look how Warren looses her mind and gets really mad on her rant about Trump.
triangle.128k says2016-06-10T15:07:31.8398241Z
Hearing her speech against Trump is so cringe worthy, at least other democrats can insult Trump calmly.
reece says2016-06-10T15:39:42.8711291Z
@reece I would say getting mad at Trump would be the correct response to his rhetoric.
reece says2016-06-10T15:41:13.2425084Z
Triangle.128k* triangle.128k Substance is what matters.
BrendanD19 says2016-06-11T00:55:27.2106634Z
@reece TRUTH!!!!! Also if you want to learn about Jill Stein go to Jill2016.Com
reece says2016-06-11T22:41:26.7716156Z
@BrendanD19 Yeah, I already know Jill's positions. I was just curious of what triangle thought.
triangle.128k says2016-06-11T22:53:17.7741378Z
@Brendan I heavily dislike her economic views but I guess she's alright on some other issues such as social issues or foreign policy.

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