Would the Americans and Soviets, both with their allies have gone to war if it weren't for nuclear detterence?

Posted by: Theunkown

If you think war would have come without nukes, say if you reckon it would have been a small skirmish or a full scale war.

  • War would come

  • Still would be no war

78% 7 votes
22% 2 votes
  • Even with the nuclear deterrent they still fought proxy wars. Had it not been for this deterrent there would definitely have been skirmishes fought however full warfare between the two on their land would have been unlikely. The lack of land borders would make warfare difficult to wage, it is much harder to fight from the sea to land than to fight across land borders, so their forces would have been more likely to fight in other arenas with limited objectives.

  • With the absence of nuclear weapons, the US would have defiantly attack the Soviet Union.

  • It was an effective deterrent, without them there would have been war. If anything, looking back at the last few wars ... the US likes to get involved in countries that dont have nukes yet, they are the only country to use one on another country, there is no reason why we should think they wouldnt do any of those actions again. Russia having nukes of its own was its only saving grace.

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Theunkown says2015-07-15T10:21:15.9413874-05:00
Greatkitteh, so mutually assured destruction WITHOUT nuclear weapons?

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