Would the world be a better place if Fascism was put down before a World War could start?

Posted by: PetersSmith

The upstart fascists have been defeated before the system could even been implemented. The people understood that it was a poor system. Would the world be a better place if this were true?

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No, without fascism the world would actually be less stable than it is today

If the Fascist and Nazi countries never rose to power and attempted to takeover the world, what would have stopped the Soviets from doing the same, unopposed by a great power?
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Yes, fascism has led to many world problems and has caused world stability to decrease

Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, the list just goes on and on. Fascism has led to many of the world's problems today due to its conservative extremism, bigotry, racism, and genocides. Without fascism, many of the extremist groups wouldn't exist.
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Yes, fascism has caused so much grief and terror that the world will never truly recover from the horrors and destruction they committed

The fascist nations bulldozed China and Europe for several years and the damage and destruction it caused can never truly be undone. People will never forget what the fascists did.
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No, fascism didn't affect world stability much since it failed so quickly

Fascism was inevitable, just like every other new idea. However, fascism fell so quickly that it didn't have much effect on actual world stability. The genocides truly didn't affect anything in the long run.
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