Would the world be a lot better without it being all about money?

Posted by: Dishoungh

  • Yes

  • Not Really

75% 18 votes
25% 6 votes
  • If something causes someone to cause a great deal of distress, I then consider that something a non-essential... Money is a non-essential in this case.

  • The world is better off without it being all about money. To be all about money is to focus on making more money than others make (because earning/losing money is a zero-sum game), and to do so, you must disregard the way you make money and its ethics. If everyone is more productive, everyone will have the same amount of money as before, but it will be worth more. It is good to try to be more productive than others, but it is not good to try to cheat others out of their money.

  • If not for money and other forms of wealth, what would society be about? When people are motivated to gain wealth, that motivation can be directed into production which will improve society as a whole. People need food and other supplies to live. I'm not exactly sure where this poll is going except to be edgy and say "money is bad."

  • This question is rather vague. However, for my answer, I will assume you mean that paper money should be abolished. Before paper money was established, people would trade goods and services in exchange for other goods and services. Without paper money, transactions are difficult and wealth is now a variable. If I wanted to buy a loaf of bread, but I only owned whole cows, I could trade one cow for dozens of loaves. However, with paper money this transaction eliminates waste and is simpler. Also, if there is no paper money, then wealth would be held in commodities. While the value of paper money is slightly variable and some people currently hold their wealth in commodities, these can be disregarded. Anyway, if I sold some timber for some cows, I hold my wages and profits in the form of cows. The value of cows or most other commodities, with a few exceptions, varies much more than paper money. If a herd of cows is brought into town, then my cows loose much of their value, because the supply is much greater. Also, if a cow falls ill or victim of an unfortunate accident, then I lost my wages. In all of these scenarios, paper money could avoid these incidents.

  • What Would Our System Be? How would we live? Theirs many questions that would be brought up. Unfortunately we have to survive off of money.

  • The world isn't all about money, it's about each individual attempting to improve their lives. Money's just the placeholder for the wealth that is exchanged as a result of this quest.

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Jifpop09 says2014-04-27T00:20:06.4374771-05:00
Money is essential, but perhaps not as much as we think. The only reason money has any value, is because we all accept it as valuable. Apply that somewhere else, and see what other phenomenons we get
Kreakin says2014-04-27T04:41:27.2950156-05:00
To speculate, i guess whilst we could remove actual notes and coins the number system would obviously remain essential to trade. So perhaps a virtual currency exsisiting in the cloud but would still have to have real world consequences. If we drop the system of currency and go all next generation star trek then we are at the mercy of who provides our food and shelter. If that was freely available technology then alot of people would do nothing but live in the holodeck and loose all purpose. There would of course be those who have curious minds and would carry on working to gain knowledge and take humanity further. As they say, the future is now but we are not ready for it. To get rid of currency we need to loose the lazy percentage of society first.
miles-pro-libertate says2014-04-27T12:47:25.5779480-05:00
@Tyler5362, sometimes people have to go through distress to get food, water, or shelter, so do you count those things as non-essential?
Tyler5362 says2014-04-27T13:42:33.7755983-05:00
No, I do not.. Money however causes distress. It just isn't worth it.
guntherstauffenberg says2014-04-28T11:51:59.6846647-05:00
I did a thesis on a non-monetary society and money is essential just because you have been 'programmed' that way from birth. Every institution you are exposed to has a core interest in money. All aspirations in life are involving money. And mainly because by the time you are an adult on your own you are in debt, so money is the motivator for you to survive to keep the material things you feel you Must have or Need. If society were to stress abundance instead of scarcity in order to compete, then people's basic needs would be met and the psychological needs to be fulfilled would be purpose. Each person would contribute to the greater good for society to achieve their higher purpose. With out money in the factor and needs being met, what becomes eliminated [hypothetically] crime. So a whole faction of cops, lawyers, prisons, ect would be dissolved. People's psychological health would improve ostensibly. So again, Jifpop made an excellent observation, it is all about how we perceive worth and what we feel is important to our survival. Americans are very materialistic and consumerist, that is why seeing the divide between rich and poor is so abhorred, Americans can not view themselves as any thing but Nuevo Riche with all the bling, no matter if the are totally miserable.
Kreakin says2014-04-28T13:38:26.5428495-05:00
Did you pass your degree in creative writing?
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-28T13:40:37.8324495-05:00
Yea, that is quite impressive, 1 cookie for you.
Kreakin says2014-04-28T13:46:34.6843726-05:00
Thank you Comrade..I'm always happy to hear a communist view point.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-28T13:47:56.7559726-05:00
Well thank you Comrade, feels good to be thanked for my opinion
Kreakin says2014-04-28T14:11:52.8449574-05:00
You are welcome. You may now f*ck my sister.
Kreakin says2014-04-28T14:17:26.7014247-05:00
Well, that came over a bit worse than intended...My sister says she is still free tho..
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-28T14:28:21.8498270-05:00
Uhh, alright

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