Would the world be better if no one held any secrets unlike the present state?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • Yes.

  • No.

11% 1 votes
89% 8 votes
  • emotion needs to be vented frequently. The less build up of those emotions , the less hurt people will be. Fewer mental disorders, fewer deaths, etc. We're all human.

    Posted by: reece
  • Not really, either way the world is screwed.

    Posted by: Najs
  • Our enemies would use the information against us.

  • Show of hands: Who has something they're not proud of that they would prefer people don't know about?

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reece says2015-06-02T18:36:15.0518697-05:00
@Kreakin How did you come to that conclusion? We also can know their secrets and plus they will tell us once they have the thought if we ask. It isn't like they can deceive. It all balances out in the end.
Kreakin says2015-06-02T18:37:07.0280820-05:00
We already know what they know, we are 40years ahead tech wise.
Kreakin says2015-06-02T18:40:27.3051395-05:00
Knowledge is power, why would we share it when it cost us so much and gives us the advantage?
reece says2015-06-02T18:43:22.7457072-05:00
@Kreakin I think you don't know what i mean. I'm talking about a world where people don't hold secrets. Everyone knows each others emotions. I'm kinda talking about a hive-mind via technology. Knowledge should be for all of humanity to share, that's real power.
reece says2015-06-02T19:10:55.3322871-05:00
@Forthelulz You would have a point if you were the only one.
Kreakin says2015-06-02T19:19:59.3476107-05:00
@reece - OMG that would be a schizophrenic type nightmare.
reece says2015-06-02T19:25:05.1430293-05:00
@Kreakin lol exactly.

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