Would WW ll not of happened if the U.S had joined the League of Nations and the League of Nations had a military?

Posted by: emmalynn

  • World War II would of happened anyways

  • No it would have prevented WW ll of happening

100% 9 votes
0% No votes
  • Chamberlain was too illusional about world peace, the US being in the league of nations wouldn't stop that.

  • We still screwed over Germany as it was, it still would have gone through a terrible depression and they would still be sore for being blamed for the war, it was inevitable by how we handled WW1 that a despot would take power and reclaim old glories. Unfortunately, we got the worst kind.

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heil33 says2015-04-10T14:36:16.7618599-05:00
I just want germany to have won

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