Would you believe your spouse over a lie detector?

Posted by: Mike01506

Scenario: After being shown as a liar through a genuine lie detector test, your spouse pleads for you to believe them over the results. They appear genuine and upset by it. You must choose, but which do you believe?

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I'd believe my spouse.

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I'd believe the lie detector.

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Kreakin says2014-12-08T13:24:57.1429188-06:00
Depends if I really already know the answer. Anyhow, if you don't trust them then there is no relationship anyway, for a good enduring relationship trust is a key component.
Mike01506 says2014-12-08T13:51:27.2413460-06:00
In this scenario the answer is unbeknown to you.
Lee001 says2014-12-08T14:43:01.9411822-06:00
Exactly, if you don't believe them or trust them, what kind of a relationship is it anyways?
Mike01506 says2014-12-08T15:31:18.1541956-06:00
A bad one, I would believe.
Kreakin says2014-12-13T18:58:55.5076409-06:00
It's still a tough one to answer, if my partner was a techie I'm sure they could fool the machine by faking galvanic skin reponses. If not a bit of a nerd them I guess I would go with the machine if seemed to fit the circumstances.

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