Would you choose God over all other loved ones?

Posted by: Fires_of_Pagan

Would you abandon them if forced the choice?

  • Yes

  • No

42% 19 votes
58% 26 votes
  • Well as I believe in God. I also believe in paradise. If anyone I loved die, I also know those people are great people and will live forever. You see, there is no fear as a Christian, You wanted to kill me, and everyone I loved? Bring it on, if I die and everyone I love dies, we all go to paradise and live forever happily ever after lol. Then if you dont change, and continue hating and killing people you will be the one who ends up with the short end of the stick in Hell. So really either way, Die, Live I win. Same with my loved ones.

  • Many people my think that God is demanding and selfish, but I have seen him work wonders in my life. though most people see it, they don't realize it. Besides, God isn't a "Magic Man." He's not a man anyways

  • Because I don't believe in God

  • Choosing a supposed eternal peace and happiness, over the relationships of everyone I love and know -- I can't think think of anything else anymore selfish.

  • I don't EXACTLY beleive in God. People, is there such thing as a floating thing with "luck" given to you if you like Him? This goes against science, math, basically, everything you learned in school (except for English)

  • Abandoning the people you love most in the world for a magic man on the sky is horrible.

  • What is God?

  • No way. Why would I?

    Posted by: mwtech
  • Even if belief in God made sense, why would you choose such a selfish being over anyone else? Putting "God" first really means putting the church first, which means someone who wants to control you gets to, and your loved ones can't help you since you're a stubborn gullible superstitious fool.

  • I wouldn't choose God over my loved ones. Not because I'm atheist or anything like many of the people above, rather that I believe that love is the greatest gift God has given us. Now I know that a lot of people just rolled their eyes but hear me out. Why would you give someone all of these tools to enjoy life, but rip them away? No. I believe God is love. I believe that the teachings of Jesus Christ were teachings of love, so why would Jesus demand that we throw away the love that we have for our friends and families just for Him, when He gave us the gift in the first place. Now this does not mean I do not love God, but I would give my life for those that I care for if need be, and God gave us life. So if you believe that this is turning my back then that's fine, but you are not God, so you are not able to judge me.

    Posted by: Bbrad
  • Even if I did believe in the old man/woman in the clouds I still would choose family over God as my family is my life. God has done very little for me.

  • I have a closer connection and bond to my family and friends than God, or any other deity that may or may not exist in this world.

  • There exists no evidence for a God. Then why would I devote myself to an arbitrarily chosen myth?

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TBR says2016-03-01T21:26:06.2966009Z
I know... Unfair to answer for me as an atheists, but... Sickos who vote yes should be stoned. Im looking right at you Penguin. I got a rock with your name on it.
UtherPenguin says2016-03-01T22:06:36.6583753Z
@TBR Thst Moose Limb is back at it again https://iwanticewater.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/palingettingstonedlob.gif
Quadrunner says2016-03-01T23:03:16.5597694Z
I don't know how to answer this one. If I choose God, do I not get to see my loved ones again? How could heaven ever be perfect without the people we hold most dear? I guess my answer would depend on whether choosing God just took me away from my loved ones for a greater purpose, or if choosing God means I go to heaven and they burn eternally. Its a very open ended question.
TBR says2016-03-01T23:06:00.5480206Z
It seems clear to ME. It is not you sacrificing, it is if you would CHOOSE them over god. So. Say god says, come on in, but you have to leave your family behind. What do you choose?
Anomie22 says2016-03-03T16:18:58.4989631Z
God does not doing anything in your life except for giving you warm feelings when you imagine that he is watching you amd cheering you on. Family gives you life, belonging, support, friendship, education and love. You would choose an imaginary friend over persumably loving human beings? Calvin and Hobbes complex mother fuckers.
Heterodox says2016-03-03T20:51:09.1848879Z
@Anomie22 Your idea of what god is for other people and/or yourself, might not be the same as their idea of what god is for themselves and/or other people.
Lukas8 says2016-03-04T14:32:28.8630256Z
I'm not religious, but if there was a strange omnipotent old man, I'd choose him. I would gain power and try to overthrow him and establish a utopia for everyone.
Kirigaya-Kazuto says2016-03-07T19:25:43.3254410Z
I'm just going to leave this here https://www.lhup.edu/~dsimanek/hell.htm
Bob13 says2016-03-16T11:34:00.0112352Z
@Lukas8 If he's omnipotent, how would you overthrow him?

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