Would You Choose To Exist?

Posted by: pozessed

Knowing everything you now know about life. If given the conscious ability to be born into this universe would you have chosen pass up the experience?

  • This life sucks. I'd rather have stayed non-existent.

  • This is the only life we know of. Of course I will find a reason to enjoy it.

53% 10 votes
47% 9 votes
  • To be honest I do not care whether I exist or not. My life does not sustain anything useful nor does it posses purpose. I care little for existence.

  • FML, I want to see this world from a third-person narrative view, I'd rather host a game than play it

    Posted by: yay842
  • Life is hard, I find myself wishing I was a my dog so I wouldn't have to worry about anything.

  • Live life as if nothing will happen after, live life without fear of after. I there is an after then we will deal with it when we come to it

  • Except I don't need to find a reason to enjoy it. I just live it.

  • I guess I can understand people who vote no, but I love life to the point that I cherish even my pain and sorrow. So, um, yeah.

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