Would You Consider A Humanoid Robot A Person If It Functioned Using A Cognitive Human Brain?

Posted by: pozessed

If a robot were controlled by an internal human brain that maintained the memories and personality of the person it was transferred from, would you consider that machine to be a person?

  • Yes It would be human.

  • No it would not be a person.

67% 10 votes
33% 5 votes
  • The wording here is inconsistent. It would definitely be a "person", but I'm not sure if it would be a "human".

    Posted by: vortux
  • I agree, a human being not only needs the brain, but it needs the heart and the living soul of a homo sapien. But it is a person.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Yes, it would still be a 'person' as long as it had all the same capabilities for self-awareness and a subjective consciousness as all other 'persons' do. Depending on the exact method of transfer, though, I'm not sure it would still be the 'same' person as it used to be.

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pozessed says2013-09-09T15:21:20.1970237-05:00
@Vortux. Of course it's not human. That doesn't mean if you destroy that machine you aren't committing a form of murder though does it?
pozessed says2013-09-10T16:38:11.7641816-05:00
I don't know why I wrote human in the option. I didn't mean to. It is supposed to read "Yes it is a person." Please forgive my absent mindedness.

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