• Yes

  • No

52% 15 votes
48% 14 votes
  • Competitive cheerleading. Not yelling at a football game.

  • Of all the sports, Cheer Leading is the most likely to produce an injury. Statistically, you are far safer playing football.

  • Cheerleading involves physical activity and competing with other teams so yes, I would consider it a sport.

  • CHEERLEADING IS NOT A SPORT. At all. Whatsoever. Anytime. Anywhere. Except..... Allstar Cheerleading. I'm not gonna argue all day long so here ya go. This is my allstar cheerleading team when we went to the Summit. Go on. Click on it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nv6aMv1m__A Once you're done, try to argue with me.

  • because the people that picked no are lame and they need to expand their education because they're obviously dumb. also my friend is a cheerleader and she has gotten hurt, and fractured her legs twice. Also if there is no competition,then what are school competitions where we COMPETE in front of people and do our best to win? huh? got a problem?

  • Yes… it’s just as difficult as football is not more. It’s physical, Competitive or for entertainment which defines sport so what’s the problem? A bunch of people who hate having their attention taken from their precious sport?

  • Cheer-leading is not a sport it is a activity/hobby that does not require mental and physical pain such as football and basketball...

  • In my opinion a sport should be: -Competitive between two teams or groups of people -Strategic -Physically and mentally challenging to everyone -Fun for everyone playing Cheerleading does not seem to posses the qualities of being a "Real" sport.

  • Not the cheerleading that occurs on the sidelines at a football game but I believe that competitive cheerleading can be considered a sport. By the way just because you can get hurt does not make it a sport.

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acmanjr says2016-11-22T04:48:45.5249339Z
Cheer is more of a sport than other things I've seen people call sports.
jo154676 says2016-12-15T21:55:13.5841554Z
Toocoolblue You have a high chance of being injured while committing suicide should we consider that a sport?
Michael1Sledge says2017-01-03T16:26:23.1884127Z
Cheerleading is not a sport because it would be nothing without the main sport. They cheer and pump up the crowd. Tbh cheerleaders are just eye candy for us men watching the football games.
Black-Jesus says2017-01-03T20:17:09.1896604Z
@Michael1Sledge, what about competitive cheerleading?
MyacronymissimplyCEE says2019-09-08T00:40:54.0118991Z
Only if I'd ever lived in Greenup, KY.

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