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Yes, I would die for those I love.

19 votes

Whether I die for them or not would depend on my current circumstances.

(i.E Have children, married)
4 votes

No, I would not die for those I love.

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Shadowhuntress says2014-05-03T16:42:09.5203129-05:00
It is an honorable death, and I would sacrifice myself for my family and friends
madness says2014-05-03T21:41:53.5544059-05:00
Think about it. Would you die for someone who doesn't live you? If they're being attacked by a tiger and you climb the fnce to help them, would they really want that? For you to die because they wanted to stroke the kitty? Cmon people we must let natural selection take its course, even if these people are your wives and children. Stupid people mustn't be allowed to breed!
Shadow-Dragon says2014-05-08T18:44:13.4076918-05:00
You would become legendary among your family members for being so selfless and saving someone else's life while risking your own. That's what the Purple Heart is for in the army Also, @madness, that is a nonsense response and a truly self-centered opinion. I doubt you would stand back and (God forbid) watch your family be 'attacked by a tiger'. You would live in regret for the rest of your lonely life without a family, and with the knowledge that you could have helped them. Dying for others is an honorable way to die, fighting to save another person's life, and living for years in thoughts and memories.
Stalin_Mario says2014-05-09T18:29:51.1778778-05:00
Wow, I was the only one who picked No.

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