Would you die for what you believe in, or lie to save your life?

Posted by: PetersSmith

AKA, if you choose "lie" you will be forced to live with that lie for the rest of your pathetic life. Or something of a similar nature. I wouldn't know, my life isn't exciting.

  • Die for what you believe in

  • Lie to save your life

38% 8 votes
62% 13 votes
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ben671176 says2014-08-15T18:27:47.4233966-05:00
ben671176 says2014-08-15T18:29:16.9852948-05:00
Yes. . .
miraculous says2014-08-15T20:16:39.0618489-05:00
I'd rather lie, knowing what I truly believe in, than die knowing all my effort will go to waste. Then, in the future you have more opportunities to revive previous thoughts and dreams.

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