Would you drink a water, if ten liars told you that it's poisoned?

Posted by: lightseeker

Let's say that you're really thirsty and you find a bottle of water just lying there, would you drink it if ten people (even liars) told you that it's poisoned?

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Black-Jesus says2016-08-12T19:24:51.7219219Z
@jesusismywarrior, the question isn't would you go thirsty or trust liars. The question is would you drink or trust them. By clicking "no", you are trusting the liars.
CraftyMiscreant says2016-08-12T22:17:21.4897535Z
Oops I wasn't paying attention and I picked the wrong one..... Sh*t.
lightseeker says2016-08-13T07:39:17.1042269Z
The only way to know whether they lied about this, is to drink the water, which would be too dangerous. So I personally won't drink it. Because it's not like liars are forced to lie all the times. The consequence of going forward with the presumed (which would be my death), will turn the presumption (water being poisoned) into a reality of sorts.

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