• Yes

  • No

47% 9 votes
53% 10 votes
  • Only if I had to in order to survive. Plus, I am sometimes tempted to bite into human beings and taste their blood so why not? But only if I was in a situation where a human body was the only food available!

  • Not only would I, I have. And I am fairly certain they enjoyed it.

  • As humans we have a certain survival instinct that will, if tested, put all bs morality, politically correct, stuff behind, and just allow you to eat another one of your brethren.

    Posted by: Gabs
  • It's unethical, immoral, and, on a political standpoint, deny people's rights to life and liberty.

  • I would never eat a person due to it being unethical, immoral, disgusting, illegal and the fact that it comes with many health problems. I would in a fight, bite into someone so hard they would bleed if its all out, but I would spit the flesh immediately

    Posted by: iAdam
  • hell no.people are filthy

    Posted by: morrow
  • Absolutely not. I am ashamed that people like those who voted "yes" exist. You people are mentally ill.

  • It's fun being the only educated person here. Cannibalism is illegal, for starters. Also, that person could have an extremely contagious illness. I would rather die than eat a person.

  • i do eat food.

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Foodiesoul says2016-07-29T20:43:12.0538790Z
@Heterodox I've never actually met a cannibal! What was it like? What did the human taste like? Did the human allow you to eat them? I'm just curious but also at the same time really creeped out.
Heterodox says2016-07-29T21:05:27.4395590Z
@Foodiesoul, Hmm, cannibal? I thought we were talking about oral sex.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-29T21:07:04.4422244Z
@Heterodox EW! No! Did you not look at the poll image or the poll title? The image says Cannibalismo, not Oral Sex. This is too much information for me.
Heterodox says2016-07-29T21:15:28.4879174Z
@Foodiesoul, nah I didn't look at the image, just read the question.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-29T21:19:26.9229026Z
@Heterodox Oh. That makes sense but to be honest, it said "eat a person," not "eat out a person."
Heterodox says2016-07-29T21:43:54.2094120Z
@Foodiesoul, There's no difference.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-30T03:27:49.9203546Z
@Heterodox Yes, there is.
Heterodox says2016-07-30T04:14:39.8619909Z
@Foodiesoul, Not really.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-30T20:40:15.5235061Z
@Heterodox There is a huge difference between the two! They're not the same and they never will be!
Heterodox says2016-07-31T13:54:22.3119813Z
@Foodiesoul, Not really
Foodiesoul says2016-07-31T14:38:35.9020024Z
@Heterodox Let's just agree to disagree.
Heterodox says2016-07-31T14:51:57.1490107Z
@Foodiesoul, Didn't we already do that?
BackCommander says2016-08-19T19:20:18.8821384Z
@equalrightslover you're far from educated. Cannibalism itself isn't illegal at all, it just tends to involve murder or the desecration of a corpse.

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