Would You Have Liked To Be The Captain of A Pirate Ship?

Posted by: cosecant

  • Embark those swords sailors, we are taking off in 0 seconds....

  • Abandon that project immediately dear crew or i'll push you off the plank....

53% 8 votes
47% 7 votes
  • Exotic foods, wealth, and adventure. I'd love to be a pirate!

  • Living as the captain of a reliable group of pirates would be a great experience, sailing the high seas, drinking pillaging and looting. Yes, they were regarded as criminals and huntes by navies but many pirates also helped poor and unfortunate people/villages.

  • Tally ho you scurvy swine we set sail for glory!

  • Not for the rest of my life (too much scurvy and STD's for me) but for a week or so it would be pretty fun.

  • My reasons are simple 1. Disease 2. fear of the ocean Mainly that fear of the ocean. Because everything about it is terrifying. Being on a boat surrounded by it is like being in a bucket filled with scorpions with only paper protecting you. Storm could sink your ship, and you could be left a drift to be attacked, and eaten by Salt water Crocs, squid, jellyfish, sharks, barracuda. You could starve to death, you could get dehydrated, or you could drown which is the inevitable doom anyway if your just floating around without an object to be on top of that won't let you fall into the ocean. so an all around BIG NO!

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Kreakin says2014-06-15T16:12:55.7309976-05:00
My great great grandad was a smuggler, later the government paid him to chart the ocean off of the coasts for building harbours as he new the waters so well.

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