• Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

  • Israel Defense Forces

8% 2 votes
92% 23 votes
  • LOL i can't beleive anyone would even pick ISIS. Even if you think Israel is ocuppying palestinian territory and killing innocent people, it is clear that people in palestine live much better life then those in ISIS territories like Syria.

    Posted by: toalp
  • I prefer people who protect a religious homeland instead of burning people alive or slitting peoples throat. Freedom of religion. Israel is a Jewish state and these are the heroes who protect it. ISIS just kills to spread fear and "Enlightenment". And they say us Jews are violent.

  • I ACTUALLY am going to join the IDF lol

  • I’m Jewish therefor I already have the right to immigrate, and with that likely comes joining the IDF. I would love to join and defend my ethnic nation from the evils of the world.

  • bad comparison.

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Tree_of_Death says2016-10-28T00:52:15.2492523Z
Who the hell would choose ISIS?
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-28T01:00:12.8318668Z
Actually I know a number of people both personally and online who would join ISIS over Israel.
Hanspete says2016-10-28T01:33:01.8285354Z
@Rjupundi18: That sickens me.
Emilrose says2016-10-28T01:56:44.8552104Z
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-28T02:23:28.3571361Z
@Hanspete It's true though. I've met a lot of Muslims who actually know nothing about Israel but hate it because they were taught it was "evil and anti-Islamic".
boognish says2016-10-28T04:30:20.0214816Z
No, I wouldn't. I have no interest in becoming a terrorist for any cause.
liam2002 says2016-10-29T16:54:59.2594291Z
Hmmmmmmmmmm JILL STEIN
Uranium235 says2017-08-05T19:02:09.9632579Z
Well, 2 people are going to get a visit from Uncle Sam's agency's.
Mharman says2017-08-05T22:53:13.3622570Z
Kkkkatie126 and HarambeIsLove, welcome to the FBI watch list!
Zombieguy835 says2018-04-07T20:54:09.5665477Z
I'd rather join the Swiss army than join either or these

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