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No I don't kill for money

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Screw him I want the money

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MassiveDump says2013-09-17T08:37:34.0012394-05:00
Depends on the person. Morgan Freeman? No. That senior with the long hair and beard who has the IQ of an eggplant? We can talk.
yay842 says2013-09-17T13:17:56.6021195-05:00
I would kill people who deserve to die.
yay842 says2013-09-17T13:18:12.3131574-05:00
Just depends on the person
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T16:20:50.6016869-05:00
Who would be soooo cruel as to kill someone for money?!
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T16:21:31.3800089-05:00
Well true yay842, id kill people like if they were on death penalty or something but not for the fun of it!
kawaii_crazy says2013-09-24T16:23:12.0782388-05:00
Leojm, my belief i that u cant earn ur place in heaven.

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