Would you kill someone if it meant your own life would be saved?

Posted by: PetersSmith

You are faced with life or death, make your choice. Emphasis on "you" this is not for saving someone else. This is saving your own life.

  • Yes, I would kill someone if it meant my life would be saved

  • No, I would not kill someone even if it meant I would die

81% 13 votes
19% 3 votes
  • Only in self-defence

    Posted by: NiamC
  • In self defense, I am sure I would. If it wasn't self defense, I am not sure but I think I might.

  • A free agent trying to kill me then i would try to survive. Not sure if the other person was being manipulated.

  • My life is far more valuable to me than the lives of any other human or non human creature.

  • The very notion of this idea makes it self defense indirectly, even if the other person was not threatening you. However, the court may not rule in your favor (see R v Dudley and Stevens - different justice system, but there's no reason to think it wouldn't apply)

  • Self Defense.

  • While the lives of others are valuable, I would choose to preserve my own life over that of a stranger.

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Astal3 says2014-08-12T00:36:04.8619948-05:00
This could be applied under self defence. Would you kill someone trying to kill you. You'd have to take their life to save yours. Or maybe you catch an assasin actively hunting you down sleeping. Would you kill him then? For the sake of argument narrow the question down.
Cold-Mind says2014-08-12T05:07:22.2546339-05:00
schachdame says2014-08-12T05:39:53.0467117-05:00
That's a clear DEPENDS. There are self-defence situations under which I'd consider it quite possible that I would kill. And then there are situations in which passive murder could save me, which is where I think I could be morally tempted. Like Friedrich Duerrenmatt said: "It's easy to kill, if you don't have to watch your victim die" But I am quite certain that there is no situation under which I am purposely stabbing someone who does not attack me, with a butcher knife.
jyotipatel says2014-08-12T09:15:53.1106845-05:00
It depends on situation.. Can't decide now. Eh eh..
debate_power says2014-08-12T15:33:29.4230576-05:00
Not answering this poll.

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