Would you like to join a group of DDO Members who strive for Excellence?

Posted by: Blade-of-Truth

The Supreme Council of Determination invites you to join us! Please visit link for more information: http://www.debate.org/forums/debate.org/topic/41993/

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Yes, I would!

Wonderful! Please visit the link above to find out more information.
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No, I appreciate the offer but respectfully decline.

I completely understand, and felt it wouldn't hurt to extend the invitation either way. Have a nice day and remember to always practice proper voting standards whenever leaving votes on Debates here at DDO!!
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abyteofbrain says2014-05-09T19:58:34.1121388-05:00
I want to join a group which strives for Sarcasm and Immaturity!!!
Venusara says2014-05-09T20:03:32.3726778-05:00
The sounds intriguing
Venusara says2014-05-09T20:04:14.4302778-05:00

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