• Yes, Go Fair Tax

  • No, Keep the Income Tax

46% 12 votes
54% 14 votes
  • FairTax is simpler, everyone pays taxes, and no tax burden.

  • punishing people for earning an income disincentivises earning an income, w/o income their is nothing to tax. the more you tax the less there is to tax. i dont 100% agree w the fair tax, thos its better than the current system. people say its bascially a sales tax where the sales tax is higher on more expensive items, that makes sense tho basic survival items like toothpaste shouldnt have a sales tax because the sales tax is passed onto the poor person buying it. put in full tax deductions for: -health care/insurance costs, and health care saveings account(for testing for and treating physcial health problems and birth control. -education costs for learning how to make physcial survival needs(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, soap, medical supplies and services for testing for and treating physcial health problems and birth control, ...) -charity for giving to the poor for their physcial survival, $12/h+, +resources you spent and gave......$100/m deduction for being a registered organ donar. -business costs for makeing physcial survival products. individual gets $7/h to $12/h for makeing and teaching uncorocred willing people how to make physcial surivial products. -only man made property value tax, maybe plus sales tax only on lavish items/dangerous rec drugs. everyone allowed to keep at least 3mil started at age 0 minus $23,000/y, plus deductions. deductions roll over. tax % not higher for poor than rich.

  • More people will pay tax this way.

  • I mean, the tax code still needs to be completely rewritten, but FairTax isn't the solution.

    Posted by: vortux
  • I use to agree with he Fair tax until I did research. Having a flat rate for everyone doesn't make sense. If you beleive that if you go up in tax brackets your paying a higher % on the entire income then you do not understand the system. You pay a % for the first bracket, then only pay the new % on the money made over the next bracket. You keep up that pattern so unlike what the fair tax people are trying to tell you. You don't make less for working harder that's just a gimmick.

  • A higher sales tax will reduce demand. The bottom line is that in a capitalist economy, demand creates growth. Less demand = less growth

    Posted by: Frost
  • It's obviously designed to create a low-growth, low-inflation economy that is perfect for parasitic financiers to suck the life out of.

  • a flat tax is regressive. the cost of living is going to be roughly the same for everyone if we use a figure that means "the bare minimum necessary to live off of." When there is a flat tax that takes, for example, 17% from each person, then obviously the person with less money is getting closer and closer to that line of bare minimum than the well-off, even though both are giving an "equal" percentage. This isn't hard to grasp.

  • fair tax is dead on arrival

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lubby says2013-09-12T18:24:43.4744414-05:00
Fair tax is the ONLY way to go, too many riding on the Backs of others and my back is breaking. If more people don't pay into income tax we might as well fold us this country we are going bankrupt.
hugo154 says2013-11-11T10:20:24.7424792-06:00
Will never work because there would be too many people who could not manage their money for the long term. Look at the credit card boom? In this consumerist society, no way, no how. That is a short term election dangler, it is not a viable solution. NOPE, not a fan of current system either. Income should be taxed descending. The more you make the more the government takes...........Works for us and has for years.

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