Would you prefer your {future} kids to be homeschooled if it where possible?

Posted by: o0jeannie0o

Be it you or your spuse who does the teaching

  • I would like my kids to be homeschooled

  • I would not like my kids to be homeschooled

37% 7 votes
63% 12 votes
  • I dont believe hoe school deprives kids of a social life as long as they attend activities in the community such as sports teans, hell, just make them play outside with other kids their age

  • Home schooling is 100 % safe- if done correctly. Some kids are like me where the public schools and the private schools are like medical torture chambers-psychologically torturing and abusive to students who like me no matter how many medications and therapy the parents dope them up on- cannot emotionally work with other students in school and always feels scared, be-rated,abused. Online School would be great for a few also. I have been in Psychotherapy since the age 10, have been forced on over 10 psychotropic medcations, kids threw rocks at me, I was harrased by teachers for looking at yaoi in the computer lab, told that I couldn't be Lesbian or Gay because of my disability category, peers made fun of my hobbies, my voice, my emotional reactions,my appearance, my ethnic heritage,

  • I think it would give them a better opportunity to learn at their own pace and style. They could interact without other homeshcool kids and go on field trips.

    Posted by: BennyW
  • Kids need some form of a social life. Homeschooling tends to deprive them of such.

  • What Penguin said.

    Posted by: reece
  • Not personally nope.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • Schools improve social skills and make it possible for kids to make friends much more easily.

  • in most cases public school is less expensive than hiring a private tutor. Also, public schools allow students to be more social with others, and in most cases get into better colleges.

  • I would much prefer my future children be educated in a Waldorf School. That school maximizes the chances of success and study shows it's rare to see a student in a Waldorf School fail. Waldorf Schools never kill creativity, nor does it ruin it, but it very well amplifies it and deepens students' curiosity. All public schools should be made to go under Waldorf system of education. The government just doesn't want that to happen for more money. One example of education major corruption is that one of my younger siblings in 7th grade did a great job in every subject at school, also math, but that sibling of mine along with many other 7th graders were made to retake 7th grade math as 8th graders so they wouldn't spend more money producing 8th grade math books to prevent loss of money. Corruption is flippin evil. I hate corruption. Another example of corruption in education is that in a different country that is not USA, someone started studying in that nation's best university, but then less than a year later got kicked out even though that person had great academic performance to have an extra spot for another incoming new student for the start of a new academic term and had to apply to a different university. That is awful as such.

  • Homeschooling is great but I'd much rather a sudbury school if my child could thrive in an environment like this. If not then I would gladly encourage them to look up school alternatives and tell me what they would prefer to go to even if it's a public/tradition school which I am very much against. And to the people who said that public schools improve social skills, That's not true. Homeschool kids can be just as social, If not more, As someone in any other system. They will have the time to go out and meet people rather than meet other kids your age simply because you were condemned to be in the same classroom.

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TBR says2015-07-20T17:48:36.2782357-05:00
I prefer secular private schools.
USBDT says2016-12-01T18:45:32.3969500Z
Check out these sources. Check out their sources. There is considerable scientific evidence that dispels a lot of homeschool stigmas. Most sources I've found show that students with some homeschooling in their background demonstrate academic and social proficiencies equal to or greater than those of their exclusively public-schooled counterparts. I found all of these sources by googling homeschool versus public school statistics. Http://www.Naturalnews.Com/048083_homeschooled_children_graduation_rates_social_prowess.Html http://www.Brighthubeducation.Com/homeschool-methodologies/87123-what-do-the-statistics-say-about-homeschooling/ https://www.Nmu.Edu/education/sites/DrupalEducation/files/UserFiles/Moreau_Kathi_MP.Pdf http://www.Nationalforum.Com/Electronic%20Journal%20Volumes/Payton,%20Karl%20E%20Communication%20Apprehension%20Among%20Homeschooled%20College%20Freshmen%20FOCUS%20V7%20N1%202013.Pdf

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