Would you rather be a Catholic, or, a Christian?

Posted by: Fight4Liberty

"or" is not an answer..

  • I'd rather be a Catholic.

  • I'd rather be a Christian.

43% 6 votes
57% 8 votes
  • I am Catholic.

  • I am Catholic.

  • All Catholics are Christians, but not all Christians are Catholic. Was the question supposed to be would someone rather be Catholic or protestant? Because that makes more sense. What also doesn't make sense is how someone who is not a Catholic can claim to be a Christian. Catholics are the original Christians and trace the founder of their church on earth to Simon-Peter, the first pope, and by extension Jesus Christ himself. If someone has broken away from the Catholic church they have broken away from Jesus, and thus Christianity to follow a man, be that man John Calvin, King Henry VIII, Martin Luther, Joseph Smith, or Bubba the Baptist. So, by definition they are not Christian, they are a Calvinist, Anglican, Lutheran, Mormon, Baptist, et cetera. I don't have to believe in your God to know that if I wanted to believe in your God then I would join the church that the person you are claiming to be God started.

  • I am Christian

  • I don't want a old man touching me.

    Posted by: Numiz
  • Catholic priests have been involved in several child sex abuse crimes. Also, It is frowned upon to use birth control or have an abortion, so women in the church will inevitably either raise several unwanted children in poverty, or they will be "darned to hell". Finally, according to the catholic church, homosexuality is an abomination, and I personally believe that we should not judge others for there actions that do not involve us, that we should let god decide what merits damnation. We should all just try to be nice to each other.

  • Well the bible says to have a relationship with God and that Jesus died to take away your sins, If you ask for forgiveness you will get it. If you are a christian you can pray and be done. Catholics have twisted it so that you must pray to saints because God doesn't have time for you and that you must go to Confession or you will go to hell. They think there are some sins that aren't even forgivable by God

  • i like to believe the truth.

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briantheliberal says2014-06-24T14:42:53.6792301-05:00
Catholics are Christians.
lifemeansevolutionisgood says2014-06-24T14:54:59.9009847-05:00
Catholics are Christians... I find it hilarious that people try and separate the 2.
1313socialist says2014-06-24T15:17:00.7107455-05:00
They are literally the same thing.
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-24T15:35:07.6162607-05:00
They are not 'literally the same thing.' Who prays to saints and God/Trinity: Catholics Who prays to solely God/Trinity: Christians Who confesses to a priest believing they have to ask God for forgiveness over us: Catholics Who usually confesses in quiet, and believes they alone can confess: Christians Who has thinks the communion drink is blood: Catholics Who does not think the communion drink is blood: Christians Catholics believe Mary was the literal mother of God, that she mothered and imparted his deity and partially attributes salvation to. Christians believe that she was just a vessel, that God is the only author of salvation and spiritual parent. We have ALOT of different Biblical interpretations. So, we are not the same thing. We are believers, but not 'literally the same thing.' If we were I would have seceded from the church.
Zylorarchy says2014-06-24T16:30:58.0793682-05:00
Catholicism is a denomination of Christianity... Just like protestants, baptists etc. This poll simply does not work. You are asking would you rather be one denomination or the rest.
mishapqueen says2014-06-24T19:59:45.3842333-05:00
I am not willing to say all Catholics are not Christians. I personally am protestant, but I think that Catholics can still be Christians, as long as they believe Jesus is the Son of God and that he died for their sins.
SweetTea says2014-06-25T03:46:16.2295309-05:00
Catholics ARE Christians! OMG! Do a bit of research before you attempt to create a poll!
camoviking says2014-06-25T10:43:24.4192210-05:00
Ctrl+c ctrl+v first post
Fight4Liberty says2014-06-25T12:25:05.9855671-05:00
My apologies guys, this was created with lack of research and realization. I guess this was created over the sense of distaste I get from my fellow people of our other branch of Christianity; Catholicism. Made me think they were separate. My bad and I appreciate the critiques!
bettabreeder says2014-06-26T23:39:45.8073217-05:00
Catholics are Christians like Derp

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