• Man

  • Woman

63% 31 votes
37% 18 votes
  • I feel that the traditional masculine characteristics are more useful to my lifestyle. On average, men have the mental advantages in spacial skills, strategy, and logical thinking. Physically, men are stronger, require slightly less sleep, have a higher pain threshold (it's true, look it up,) and can see a farther distance. Women have their advantages, such as verbal skills and a greater emotional versatility, but I feel the masculine skillset complements my lifestyle more.

  • You men have no clue how easy you have it. Seriously- try childbirth some time. Especially white men. Oish. Talk about starting out from a point of advantage.

  • Being a female myself I have always envied the men for being able to pee standing, taking their shirt off whenever they want, not being punched in the gut repeatedly once a month and too many more reasons to list. So meone brought up 'no fear of rejection because the guy has to ask the girl out' on the girls side, but I disagree with that statement as girls will also get rejected a lot and the man asks woman thing is vey traditional and less common as it used to be.

  • Because we are

  • Guys don't have periods. I rest my case.

  • this is for my boys in the basement.

  • i am a transgender male and i am acting like a man

  • Feminism would be on my side. Look above: it's baloney, but it still make a difference

  • I was born female and I accept it. However, I don't identify myself with my gender. I find females (not all of course) whine about useless things. Well, men do stupid things as well, which is why I don't identify myself with the masculine gender as well. Other than my vagina, I feel like an ''in-between''.

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yay842 says2013-09-18T20:08:01.9990235-05:00
I've seen on Mythbusters that women have a higher threshold for pain.
Snoopninja321 says2013-09-18T20:13:13.9133508-05:00
I would be a man because when was th e first you seen a woman do something amazing this year
yay842 says2013-09-18T20:17:57.2420886-05:00
It seems more amazing when a woman does contribute than a man does
Skeptikitten says2013-09-18T20:20:18.3447088-05:00
That's because you folks are sexists who think women can't contribute. And apparently you don't pay much attention. And yes- we have a much higher pain threshold. My husband admitted several times during our son's birth that he would have been bawling and screaming for drugs.
yay842 says2013-09-18T20:25:49.8228298-05:00
yay842 says2013-09-18T20:26:31.7328069-05:00
Except the fact of what women would have to go through that men don't, that's what I think the only advantage men has
pozessed says2013-09-18T21:54:48.4829412-05:00
Way to copy my poll =P.
pozessed says2013-09-18T21:55:37.1757395-05:00
They picture of the guy you used looks awfully feminine lol.
TheBestForHumanity says2013-11-27T09:28:11.0930415-06:00
I'm biologically and sexually female, but I act rather gender neutral and don't really identify with a gender or the other.
abyteofbrain says2013-11-27T09:47:04.4473656-06:00
I doubt that other people see it that way.
TheBestForHumanity says2013-11-28T00:35:59.1456876-06:00
Whut? @Abyteofbrain, are you saying that to me? XD
rahmeekbrunner21 says2014-08-26T19:47:33.0542717-05:00
D I love being a man. I respect women but I could not be one for these reasons. I don't see women equal to men. They are better than us by a long shot. They carry a mans child for 9 months that the woman has to push out and some men leave the woman with an excuse saying that the baby is not their baby forcing the woman to have to work even harder to raise that child.
Michellelisowski says2018-06-29T15:24:53.8720369Z
MAN OFCOURSE. I haven't got any time to spend on very and many obvious reason why man is better but man is what i prefer.
MetalWingYT says2018-11-17T00:11:34.7749455Z
This is a really hard decision to make because there are some perks I will miss as a guy, And there are perks I want to experience as a girl. So, I cannot chose between which gender, But I will answer the other question What will I miss most about being a guy? The one thing I will miss most is my strength. There have been numerous occasions, Where my female friends and sisters try to hold me down to show they are stronger than me. However, In less than three seconds, I can easily overpower their hold. In return, I can just as quickly hold them down and keep them down until they give in. Also, I cannot remember how many times my mother always asks me to open something for her. Whether it was a jar or a container, She never have the strength to open it by herself. Thus, The one thing I will miss most about being a guy is the strength that comes with it. Now, What would I like most about being a girl? They have so much variety in clothing. Have you seen how many stores that only tailor to females? There are too many. Whenever, I go to the mall, I have to search every store to see if there are male clothing within the store. Most of the time, I only see a small section tailored to the men, While the rest of the store is tailored toward the women. Not only that, But most girl's clothes are not really expensive. Furthermore, They have more variety to choose from. As a guy, I wish there were more variety to choose from. If I was a girl, I would have so much clothes to wear.

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