Would you rather be told the hurtful truth or a comforting lie?

Posted by: Muttl200

I mostly mean hurt emotionally, how ever I suppose it could be physical in a way?

  • I'd rather be told the hurtful truth.

  • I'd rather be told the comforting lie.

95% 21 votes
5% 1 votes
  • I think if we were given the choice of being told the truth that we know will hurt us or being told a comforting lie; we will all rather spare our feelings and be told the lie. We are creatures that crave for self preservation and at times can be very selfish, but what is more selfish than hurting someone, because YOU think they deserve to know.

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reece says2015-02-03T10:13:36.6855771-06:00
@carriead20 I slept with your girlfriend.
carriead20 says2015-02-03T10:14:27.1983043-06:00
What girlfriend?
reece says2015-02-03T10:15:10.5787853-06:00
@carriead20 Sorry, wrong person.
carriead20 says2015-02-03T10:15:43.8106376-06:00
That's what I thought.
reece says2015-02-03T10:18:24.6413380-06:00
Yeah, i'm not surprised.
minny says2015-02-03T10:40:13.8773599-06:00
I'm not sure

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