Would You Rather Cure Cancer or End World Hunger?

Posted by: Byzcat

  • Cure Cancer

  • End World Hunger

33% 12 votes
67% 24 votes
  • Selfishly cure cancer, it is currently more of a risk to me.

  • Cancer can be done by SCIENCE! World hunger is often done by their own governments. After I get rich by curing cancer with SCIENCE!, I can take over the world and end world hunter.

  • Cancer kills everyone if they live long enough. Hunger only kills a fraction of people

    Posted by: Wylted
  • Hunger is more preventable, but less possible.

  • The US government is paying farmers not to farm. Why not allow them to grow grain for starving people. Wouldn't that be better than free government phones?

  • U.S always talks about human rights. Even it attacks other countries to give them "human rights!!!!!". They spoil grain and they through it in the sea in order to control its price. But they prevent to sell them to poor government!!!! Pick one of these "Human rights" OR "Humans for U.S rights"?!

  • Science will eventually find a cure to cancer, but unless we can make a machine to get the gangs in Africa and anywhere else in the world to stop taking so much food and be able to make so much food the world wouldn't be hungry, then I am for ending world hunger.

  • We've already created ways to control cancer and increase the chance of living way higher than it was before. There isn't any good treatment to world hunger however, and it affects more people. Someone else could solve the cancer problem eventually.

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Thegreatdebate98 says2015-06-05T11:31:32.1002590-05:00
Eating is a basic human function that should be available to everyone.
blackkid says2015-06-07T19:38:58.4918963-05:00
Ending world hunger would cure cancer. <3
MakeSensePeopleDont says2015-06-19T15:17:29.7101154-05:00
Neither is a good answer. Cure world hunger and the population explodes. Cure cancer and the population explodes. Both lead to massive overpopulation. Furthermore, what is world hunger? Secret for you, those starving Ethiopians aren't really starving. They were living this way for longer than most of the modern world has been around. Stop claiming they are starving. If they were, they would have moved a LONG time ago LOL.
blackwhite says2015-08-06T12:39:23.7135808Z
I you look at cancer statistics throughout the 20th century you will see a very high rise in cancer mortality. We don't need to cure cancer, we need to stop poisoning ourselves with chemicals in our food and air.

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