Would you rather die drowning, or suffocating?

Posted by: leojm

  • Drowning

  • Suffocating

27% 3 votes
73% 8 votes
  • It would suck but I think it's quicker. OMG Why did I make this, gosh it's really late.

    Posted by: leojm
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Mikal says2013-09-08T23:53:19.1341274-05:00
So morbid
leojm says2013-09-09T00:07:29.6936840-05:00
Well, Sorry I'm bored and tired, so my brain is not working properly. Lolz
M1978 says2013-09-09T13:37:43.9454827-05:00
Drowning is panic....L suffocating, you can't tell when you go out, once you're in that position
Smile123 says2014-10-07T10:40:04.8069058-05:00
I will not die!!

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