Would you rather die peacefully or live your life?

Posted by: yay842

  • Live life

  • Die peacefully

78% 18 votes
22% 5 votes
  • life sucks, its too hard. You gotta work hard to make a living and be happy.

    Posted by: yay842
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Jingram994 says2013-09-21T07:51:29.4011107-05:00
I'm assuming this is related to Euthanasia in some manner, right? If so, that's a very loaded way to put the question.
Blondie21 says2013-09-21T16:29:11.0574305-05:00
Very broad question
GoodNightJournal says2014-01-25T12:00:26.0308793-06:00
How about this? Keep trudging through or just give up? Http://www.Goodnightjournal.Com/2014/01/24/the-beginning-9/
bravenewworld says2015-01-20T20:02:27.2741693-06:00
How can you give up on something that was imposed on you to begin with? Also there are no winners in life since there is no confirmed objective, plot, or goal. We all die either way. Just sayin'

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