Would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horsed sized duck

Posted by: RYAN11223344

No is 100 duck sized horses and yes is horsed size duck

Poll closed on 3/8/2016 at 10:14AM.
  • Duck sized horses i would kick them in the face.

  • Horsed size duck i would be able to fight it off easy

77% 23 votes
23% 7 votes
  • It'd probably be easier to kick them all away instead of trying to defend myself against one giant duck able to swallow my head, lol

  • I would have a field day punting those little rapscallions!

  • It would be much easier to drop-kick a bunch of duck sized horses than to fight one huge duck that could probably suffocate you it was to sit on you.

  • Well ducks are super annoying and loud so that would get worse if it got bigger. plus it hurts when they peck you so the horses seen nicer but i would keep one as a pet and stick a toothpick in its brain so its a unicorn.

  • The only threat a horse poses is its hooves. A duck sized horse is no threat at all. A horse sized duck can fly and has a beak and a stretchy, agile neck.

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Sha2 says2016-11-26T17:29:47.5837520Z
Idk they might all gang up on me and pin me down

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