Would you rather have $500 Billion In Dollars or Gold?

Posted by: greatkitteh

  • I would have $500 Billion in Dollars.

  • I would have it in gold.

36% 14 votes
64% 25 votes
  • Its easier to buy things with money than gold. ;)

  • People may say you can allow inflation or whatever to raise the value of that gold and then you can resell it, but after having a certain amount of money, you really shouldn't need any more. And this number...500 billion...surpasses that number.

    Posted by: Naleac
  • With $500 Billion in your bank account it would be much simpler to spend and invest in things

  • You know you could just.... buy some gold with a couple of your billion dollars if it struck your fancy...... To say the price of gold would increase if you got 500 billion dollars worth of it also applies to actual money, so there is no reason to get it in gold. Just buy a bit of it with normal money.

  • much easier to spend

  • Easier to use

  • the price of gold goes up or down each day, yes the dollar fluctuates on the exchange rate but is still stable in the nation. also you can get like $200 billion in gold with the $500 billion in dollars that you have.

  • Definitely gold.

    Posted by: Oppose
  • I can use the gold for more than spending. I've always wanted a bust of myself made of pure gold...

  • Bitcouin

  • Gold has more value than paper.

  • I don't think the prices fluctuate as much.

    Posted by: gabep
  • There is a reason Countries fill their vaults with gold and not paper. The Gold standard is now long gone but Gold prices are driven by market forces. Almost every country, including the United States, is now on a system of fiat money, that is money that is intrinsically useless as it is only used as a medium of exchange. It's value set by supply and demand. Quantitative easing (printing more) devalues it.

  • To alleviate the potential of depressed value in the US dollar, and the future possibility of returning to a gold standard for valuation - I choose gold. Sell some (say $20M worth), buy all you ever want and have rest well protected -

    Posted by: Gol4Q
  • LOL gold is worth something, im not stupid.

  • Gold keeps it's value, dollars are paper. Of coarse I should have said place to put it first.

  • Gold will hold its value

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58539672 says2015-07-24T11:40:25.9946975-05:00
This question reminds me a lot of those, "which is heavier, a pound a feathers or a pound of lead" kind of questions.
Haroush says2015-07-24T13:54:12.0770079-05:00
Gold is recognized universely. You can use it anywhere.
58539672 says2015-07-24T14:24:29.3092541-05:00
So is the US dollar
Haroush says2015-07-24T14:30:11.1458859-05:00
At a lesser value in some places.
58539672 says2015-07-24T14:45:59.7113490-05:00
Not currently. The US dollar is now the most valuable currency in the world, surpassing both the Euro and the Yen. This is mostly due to the US economic recovery and the continued decline of the EU and Japanese economy.
Forthelulz says2015-07-24T15:08:23.6343887-05:00
What karat gold are we talking here? 24?
Donderpants says2015-07-24T16:22:20.5845310-05:00
Not specified. But the higher purity the gold is, the less of it you'll get.
greatkitteh says2015-07-24T19:19:06.1742234-05:00
Honestly, You'll Live like a King Either way.
Haroush says2015-07-24T21:46:54.5712082-05:00
Kreakin says2015-07-26T18:41:39.7465409-05:00
"The US dollar is now the most valuable currency in the world" I can buy 1.55 dollars to my one pound sterling. That makes a Dollar worth 0.55pence.
Kreakin says2015-07-26T18:42:12.0737409-05:00
Sorry 64 pence
Jack_D says2015-08-06T15:04:08.3466534Z
Gold prices have plummeted recently for a reason. No return on gold; dollars can be invested and earn returns in stock market/bonds/other investments.
Kreakin says2015-08-06T21:48:31.5097855Z
What reason?
58539672 says2015-08-06T21:56:02.8242130Z
Traditionally, Gold goes down when the Dollar goes up. The USD has been recovering in recent years, so the value of gold has gone down as a result.
Plastix says2015-08-11T14:58:42.0933773Z
I chose gold because I could sell the gold and get 12x as much more
Jack_D says2015-08-11T23:06:13.7827185Z
Kreakin, the reason gold has declined is that the market believes that with interest rates about to rise and little fear of a global depression, holding an asset with no return doesn't make sense.

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