Would you rather have a perfect body or a perfect brain?

Posted by: Hakros323

  • Perfect Body

  • Perfect Brain

10% 5 votes
90% 44 votes
  • With the perfect brain one could create a workout schedule to create the perfect body, Therefore attaining both.


  • With a perfect brain (assuming this means you contain all knowledge) you could also create yourself a perfect body with it.

  • I agree with the other comments

  • a perfect brain helps build a perfect body.

  • I think that these options are just unfair. Trying to choose between a perfect body and a perfect brain is like choosing bewteen being a cute dog or being Steven Hawking. Its absurd that anyone would rather be a dumb hottie and do nothing with your life. People who have a good mind at best would know that it doesn't matter how you look it matters how you act.

  • Perfect brains can buy many perfect bodies, And buy many perfect techs as well!

  • Brain is what pretty much does everything for you. Without it you cease to function.

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