Would you rather have football teammates the same gender as you or different?

Posted by: ht.deb8

8 Total Votes

I'm a boy and I'd choose boys

7 votes

I'm a girl and I'd choose girls

1 vote

I'm a girl and I'd choose boys

0 votes

I'm a boy and I'd choose girls

0 votes
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Stefy says2015-06-06T19:17:53.9163907-05:00
It doesnt matter what the players would prefer. Co-ed sports need to become more prevelant. As long as both genders have to meet the same standards at tryouts there is literally no justification for diacriminating against women. If some guys on the team arent comfortable with that sad day for them thats their problem not everyone elses and id they cant cooperate with the tram they should be kicked off.
PureLogic says2015-06-07T16:44:24.1499433-05:00
There is no option for "it doesn't matter to me", so I will not vote.
GoatScroat says2015-06-18T12:03:27.8706132-05:00
I would say yes in sports, because if I was playing and I accidentally touched a certain area of another player of a different gender there would be an awkward moment where you just realized what happened, and then you're just like "oh man, please don't confront me about it."

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