Would You Rather Have The Anatomy Of A Man Or A Woman?

Posted by: pozessed

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KingDebater says2013-09-09T10:54:50.0143261-05:00
This must be some kind of trick question.
wn says2013-09-16T14:10:51.6464033-05:00
No unwanted erectons or no regular bleeding... I'm torn.
rubia526 says2013-09-21T13:35:45.3749261-05:00
@wn you sir speak the truth
NBAlstar says2013-12-24T22:34:07.4077441-06:00
Sexism at its best
Kreakin says2014-01-16T14:25:11.7588712-06:00
"No unwanted erectons or no regular bleeding... I'm torn." Wait long enough and neither are a problem.
not_an_idiot says2014-02-16T15:50:06.9973466-06:00
Im a guy so i would rape my self every day ;)
The_Serb says2014-02-16T21:41:14.9405537-06:00
LOL not_an_idiot
abyteofbrain says2014-02-17T19:08:32.8412478-06:00
Skeptikitten: That's probably true. Didn't think we'd ever agree, did you?
AngelofDeath says2014-04-15T16:49:54.0335740-05:00
Why is there no option that says "both have their ups and downs, i would rather be a bench"?
Fanath says2014-04-22T20:29:14.0237399-05:00
Dear p*nis, thanks for not bleeding once a month.
AngelofDeath says2014-04-22T20:38:46.3850031-05:00
@fanath you guys have it soooo easy, i would almost say girls are tougher than guys :P
Fanath says2014-04-22T20:39:12.1121399-05:00
AngelofDeath says2014-04-22T20:40:41.8433399-05:00
Nah, i change my mind, girls are def wayyyyy tougher
ksteelers says2014-05-01T03:51:35.7564619-05:00
Why not both?
polaroid_beach says2015-04-14T03:11:26.2513667-05:00
Woman. Guys don't get free drinks when they prop their boobs up, just a lot of weird stares.

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