Would You Rather Learn Or Teach?

Posted by: pozessed

What is your preference?

  • Learn

  • Teach

50% 11 votes
50% 11 votes
  • I can't teach what I haven't learned.

  • Learning is the more desirable option because you're consuming knowledge which you can benefit you rather teaching where you must constantly do the same thing and this becomes tedious.

  • I enjoy both, but giving someone else the knowledge you have learned is very rewarding.

  • I'd rather learn, wanna give out knowledge, and I hate learning

    Posted by: yay842
  • Teaching makes me more grown up, because if I teach someone something, my attitude and mind changes. The mind between a teacher and a student is different.

    Posted by: HBSCAU
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pozessed says2013-09-19T00:12:14.0046984-05:00
@HBSCAU: IMO the best teachers are the one who never consider themselves to be more than a student with experience.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-20T23:02:56.2823387-05:00
Yes, but you created a false dichotomy with this question- most people who get into education enjoy BOTH or they wouldn't do it.
gen13trans says2013-10-28T23:57:49.0686541-05:00
It doesn't matter

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