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Barack Obama

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henryajevans says2013-09-08T18:47:55.2809021-05:00
A little narcissistic, don't you think?
imabench says2013-09-08T19:20:56.3628190-05:00
F*ck I didnt think I would actually get any votes 0_0
vortux says2013-09-09T16:41:07.0354606-05:00
And yet here you are with 100% of the popular vote. You should consider actually running for president! "Imabench: He's a bench, not a politician, so that's an improvement, right?"
imabench says2013-09-29T22:38:26.5280393-05:00
Sh*t I forgot I made this. Glad to see im winning though :D
DanT says2013-11-17T22:21:23.9294000-06:00
Imabench's 2016 campaign slogan "At-least I'm not Obama"
imabench says2013-11-17T22:21:31.6402828-06:00
I borrowed it from Romney ;D
Alexmaisboss says2014-01-26T00:25:47.6612706-06:00
This is sad.
kingkd says2015-04-24T22:38:54.9159763-05:00
Imabench has better hair. He wins

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