Would you rather spend a night in an scary forest or haunted house?

Posted by: Hakros323

  • Scary Forest

  • Haunted House

28% 9 votes
72% 23 votes
  • A haunted house in a scary forest would be the absolute best. But wild camping in a scary forest would be more enjoyable than a dusty old house.

  • in my opinion both of them are very dangerous but scary forest is better than a hunted house because a forest has a lot of spaces to run away from devils and maybe you find a safety rout to out of the forest. But when your are in a hunted house there is no way out. You have to stay and fight with the devils

  • I go camping in the woods every month so im used to the woods.

  • It has more space first off and you might more things outside than inside.

  • Because I am hoping the haunted house is clean inside. So I can just find some nice bed or couch and lay down, Take a nap. Though if I am aware horror movie happenings are happening, I'm staying awake. Maybe.

  • Because you are inside a building. I may understand that would like space to run and hide but that gives your hunter the advantage as well. And last I checked YOU were the one running from him not vice versa

  • Well at the very least, You will have protection from the elements, As well as anything you encounter, It might not be able to do anything to you.

  • You can sleep in it. More then likely there would be food and heat either from a fireplace or radiators. Really unlikely to find shelter in the forest from the rain.

  • I rather stay in a hauted house the forest its to creepy

  • because. . . I don't want to be eaten by a werewolf

  • Forests are actually scary at night if you are alone. Moonlight will determine the fear factor, No street lamps to keep the dark out. Houses are not really haunted. Creaky floorboards have explanations. Those eyes in the bushes that glow will freak you out, Whether they belong to a curious racoon or a mountain lion weighing your meat in risk/reward.

  • The house protects you from the harsh elements and animals. All you need in a haunted house is to sleep the night through and don't go poking around

    Posted by: GrantW
  • ill just sleep through the entire stay

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