Would you rather the alt-right or regressive left?

Posted by: MeargleSchmeargle

Regressive left and alt-right. The two Identitarian extremes of the political spectrum trashing cities across America today. If you had to pick your poison, which would you pick?

  • Regressive left

  • Alt right

22% 8 votes
78% 28 votes
  • I certainly don't support either. However, I don't think the left is at fault like many people claim they are. The white supremacists and the KKK have been around for ages. The "regressive left" came as a response to a long, sad history of racism (slavery, segregation).

  • The regressive left is not racist, not fascist, and not identitarian. They are liberal, Democratic, moderate, progressive, globalist, and populist. The alt-right is the exact opposite,

    Posted by: jc1996
  • The regressive left is equally as incoherent in their arguments as the alt-right. At least with the regressive left though if the ideological war become violent, I'm fairly certain the oppressed rational thinkers will have better weapons than the ninnys in charge- whereas it seems right leaning individuals are generally better at war.

  • The alt-right was an angry reaction to the regressive left. The regressive left have only themselves to blame for the rise of the alt-right. Both are evil, but the regressive left started the Identitarian degeneracy in America.

  • Less people dead... I do not support either.

  • Because I hate blacks, women, and gays. I also love getting my white privledge checks in the mail

  • We need a strong national focus in this country. Without strong leaders in power the world will brush our great nation into the dust.

  • There's two "alt rights". One is Pepe le frog (which I LOVE). The other consists of racial nationalism and strong military. I assume we're talking about the ladder. I'd rather have the Alt Right, and here's why: When you take a look at the social justice community (or alt left) they routinely start riots, loot and burn buildings, attack individuals, and shut down anyone who does not share their views (which is ironic in the case if antifa). The leaders of the various organizations within this group often incite such things and support those who commit these actions. The Racial nationalist (no, it's not just white people who are racial nationalists) on the Alt-Right seldom even march, let alone commit these actions. When they do, it is widely publicised and immediately put into the public eye to be scrutinized (unlike the Alt left). As for the the Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Black Panther family, or any other racist group, I'd like to make something clear: they are NOT the face of the alt-right. The alt-right preaches love for your own race and attempts to convince people that racial/ethnical nationalism would benefit society. And although these hate groups would fully support that, alt-righters do NOT support the murder of other races and nationalities. Many do not even believe one race is superior to another. In fact they go out of their way to separate themselves from hate groups. The alt right is simply the idea that races/ethnicities deserve their own nations for the sake of self preservation. Although I don't necessarily support either ideology, one is obviously more murderous than the other.

  • I'd rather settle with those who are labeled "trolls" than those labeled as Violent anti first amendment, the majority of the alt right is mostly countering the left. Neo nazis and KKK Clansmen don't make up the majority of the right.

    Posted by: Vulpex
  • I don't support either but I have found that sometimes, the alt right has provided a safe haven for those who cannot fight against the left horde. I don't like them, but I find that I will occasionally cross paths with them.

  • Definitely this. There's different types of "alt right" like you can be a civic nationalist, but the regressive left is always going to destroy the country.

  • While I don't particularly agree with either, I'd choose the Alt-Right since the Alt-Right don't all want the same things. They're a rather disorganized part of the political spectrum, with some having moderate values of patriotism and putting your own nation first, while others are full blown racial supremacists. Though, if I have the option to not ruin lives, I'll take it. The extreme left doesn't give that option. Either you do as they say, or you're their enemy and you deserve to die or some stupid shit. The alt-right isn't particularly influential, nor does it have concrete goals. Some are just patriots, others are extremists. Overall, the alt-right is the lesser of two evils.

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Bluepaintcan123 says2017-09-06T16:22:33.5425636Z
Why would anyone want to choose either? They are both repulsive.
MeargleSchmeargle says2017-09-06T19:21:47.1354550Z
This is a "pick your poison" poll. A "would you rather".
DrCereal says2017-09-06T22:04:13.3446359Z
I honestly couldn't pick either. I would die if it were a life or death question.
Spiffy-Gonzalez says2018-01-15T06:53:20.0247349Z
I mean... Alt left looters, rioters, and thiefs vs alt right ppl with extreme opinions. Alt right hands down.
DrCringe says2020-08-16T13:09:29.1773204Z
They're both equally awful, To be honest.

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