Would you rather your child grow up with Cancer or Feminism?

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harrytruman says2016-09-21T22:37:34.2209330Z
What's the difference?
Ben612d says2016-09-21T22:50:11.4939757Z
Could someone please explain why feminism is like cancer? I thought it was about gender equality?
Vaarka says2016-09-21T23:47:01.0544319Z
One could kill, yet can potentially be cured The other can ruin your social reputation among a majority of the population, has a very small chance of a cure, but isn't nearly as deadly. This is difficult, man
Heterodox says2016-09-21T23:50:14.1492562Z
@Ben612d, It's a joke. Both are terrible.
Heterodox says2016-09-22T00:08:37.0748659Z
@Sciguy, The better question is "Would you rather your child had cancer or was a Feminist?" That would be a whole lot more difficult to answer. I mean no one wants their child to grow up with a mental handicap or cancer.
Anonymous says2016-09-22T01:08:52.8967996Z
@Heterodox - Oh how I love your ideas- they are quirky! I think I'll make that poll right now. @Tree_of_Death - This is not that type of poll.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-22T01:57:06.4560439Z
@Ben612d, sure, going strictly off of the classical and dictionary definition of "feminism", it is about gender equality. However, a "feminist," at least as they are known to the modern Western world, are seen as female supremacists/ignoramuses
DeepInThought says2016-09-24T19:32:16.3106496Z
I would have to disagree with you Black-Jesus Feminism is still all about gender equality. You can see this with how their was feminist groups who threatened to replace their leaders who where saying that their groups would support Hillary so that she could be the first female president, when they as a whole group felt as if Bernie of any one ells (except Trump or Cruz) would be a better option.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-25T17:08:31.2432935Z
@DeepInThought, well, I wasn't really saying that: I was just clarifying the position of many other people. But I do agree with them and disagree with you... At least in a way. That is, there is no "feminist" movement per se, at least not as there was before. Feminism now is less a movement and more an ideology, an ideology that believes in promoting the rights of women. However, that means that a whole spectrum of people can be feminists: from people who merely want to fix the problems that women face now so they call themselves feminists to the readers of the SCUM manifesto who want to have all men castrated and subjugated. Now, of course, nowhere near most feminists are as extreme as SCUM, but I'd say the majority have a female-supremacist vision for a perfect future, whether or not they'll admit it or if they even realize.
Black-Jesus says2016-09-25T17:11:57.2445114Z
The main people that I'm accusing of such things are movements such as Atheism+ and similar groups and projects. Which brings me back to another point I made: that there is no "feminist movement" anymore, it's more just a series of movements or groups that identify as feminist: and I'd say the majority of those groups, at least the more popular ones, are in fact female-supremacist.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-09-25T21:31:11.7390588Z
@harrytruman The difference is that one is a highly dangerous disease that millions of people have, and scientists are yet to find a cure for it, a task deemed nearly impossible. The other is cancer.
ThisIsMyUsername333 says2016-09-25T21:33:31.9215574Z
@harrytruman The difference is that one is a highly deadly disease that millions of people have, and scientists have yet to find a cure for it, a task deemed nearly impossible. The other is cancer.
DiEgO123100 says2016-09-27T22:15:07.7205117Z
Biron says2016-11-16T03:48:35.4979128Z
I should probobly say that I hope my child dosent have to grow up with the sadness and want to pull others down to make them feel better about them selfs, like feminists have but I do not wishow cancer on my child. And feminism is not gender equality it over shot that by about 500 false hate crime aqusations made twaords white males.
Soph_ia says2017-01-18T02:22:43.7311612Z
If you would honestly prefer your child to grow up with cancer and possibly die instead of being a part of something that strives for gender equality (I'm referring to true feminism, not the crazy radical feminists who hate on men and are extremely misinformed as to the true purpose of feminism) then that's just really sad.
Heterodox says2017-01-18T06:19:30.0441250Z
@Soph_ia, Where does "true feminism" exist in the western world? If "true feminists" were trying to help out the women in other parts of the world, heck, I'd probably call myself one. However, all we got are "crazy radical feminists who hate on men", that is modern feminism.
Croissantify says2017-03-08T02:22:28.4724867Z
Feminism is worse than cancer. First of all they say the support equal rights but really it's a few fat lesbian women trying to get more rights for women and less for men. That's why personally I'm a egalitarian. Let's look at the facts okay : 1. Wage gap doesn't consider many factors such as: -Men on average work longer hours -Men tend to take less days off work 2. In the event of a divorce , men are way less likely to get custody of the child than women 3. Women are more likely to be hired for a job then men for the exact same job 4. For the same crime women will get no jail time or less jail time than men 5. The suicide rate for men is way higher than for women 6. On average men work harder , and more life threatening jobs than women which is why the rate of deaths while working is way higher for men than for women Looks like men need a "safe space" just as much as women. I have way more reasons so if you wanna debate me I'll gladly accept the challenge.
Anonymous says2017-03-09T20:10:53.5828050Z
Croissantify - I must commend you for your brilliant argument of facts rather than subjective blathering of nonsense! If I were to be absolutely candid to you, I think you couldn't have said it any better.
F3ministshateme says2017-03-12T19:56:44.2034798Z
I would rather my child had cancer because that could be cured. The problem with feminism is that uts massively hypocritical, uses false information, and is just irrelevant in todays society
whyamisoawesome says2017-04-18T05:43:56.3992689Z
Why the hell do you want your children to have a high chance of death chosing cancer
Anonymous says2017-04-18T21:43:54.8603435Z
@whyamisoawsome - Because feminism is bound to ruin civil society and create irreparably destructive outcomes on innocent men and women; and cancer, however, can be cured.
leasincobe says2017-04-18T23:51:11.9758060Z
Ok, I understand this is supposed to be a joke(an offensive one at that), but still, please do not joke about cancer. It's become such an insensitive topic people joke about, and until you lose someone to cancer, it's hard to realize how much it can hurt people. Being about to lose a father at age 13 is not a laughing matter
leasincobe says2017-04-18T23:54:44.8222060Z
Also why do people keep trying to define feminism? For me feminism is a form of empowerment/equality, and other people can't change my views/beliefs on that. There are some people out there who believe that it means women are better than men, but don't generalize and assume that's what all feminists think
Anonymous says2017-04-19T20:17:58.4249030Z
@leasincobe - Nothing is sacred when it comes to comedy and Cancer should be no exception. Everyone has known someone who has been inflicted by the Cancer and they themselves been affected by emotional reprecussions; however to say that one may not joke about it is absurd. As insensitive of a topic, it may be if people don't like the joke they can simply just ignore it. Feminism at one point in time was, by definition, meant to advocate social equality among the sexes, but, that is no longer the case. Only 18% of American Woman identify as feminists whilst a margin of 85% believe that there is still some inequality among Men and Woman. In observance of third and fourth wave feminist activism, people have formed the opinion that it is dangerous and that its goal is matriarchal superiority. The majority of feminists are not good, they don't want equality- and people know this! We all know the basic definition of feminism but the fact of the matter is that the general definition of things change as do the things they represent. When it comes to linguistics all words are subject to semantic change; nice used to mean simple, foolish, silly; fizzle was that of flatulence; Clue was a ball of yarn; flirt was the act of flicking something away. With the facts presented we can properly assess that definitions change, which has so clearly happened to Feminism. You've every right to have an opinion- that much you're entitled to- but you cannot attempt to lie about the cult you follow.

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