Would you sacrifice yourself to save the Earth?

Posted by: yay842

  • Yes

  • No

73% 19 votes
27% 7 votes
  • Generally, although that's never going to need to happen.

  • If I didn't sacrifice myself to save the Earth, I would be all alone forever.

    Posted by: yay842
  • If you're living on the Earth you're gonna die either way. If you sacrafice yourself to save the earth, you're saving millions of lives, if you don't you still die and kill others.

  • I'm going to die sooner or later anyways, why not make myself useful, and hopefully, remembered?

    Posted by: Zuelo
  • If a single person had to be sacrificed to save everyone else on this planet,I would lay my life down for the cause

    Posted by: Tylif
  • Earth will last longer than me, so there's no need to.

  • This is contingent on if the Human race and all my favorite animals get to colonize an alternate planet.

  • i would not save the earth as i do not see that the earth would ever fall to such a situation and if it did your "average joe" wouldn't be able to do anything.

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Delliss says2013-09-18T17:19:03.8766020-05:00
By sacrifice, do you mean death? Or would it be another sort of sacrifice, like eternal loneliness or something? Because I would gladly die if I could be sure it would save the Earth - I fear death, true, but I'm going to die sooner or later, so why not make it useful? - but I'm not sure I could, like, kill the person I love the most or give up my capacity to feel or this kind of things, you know?

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