• Yes

  • No

53% 10 votes
47% 9 votes
  • I'll serve anyone. But I won't do anything that goes against my religious or political beliefs.

  • money is money.

    Posted by: reece
  • If you serve the public, and the Nazi has not broken the law, you must.

    Posted by: TBR
  • would i serve myself...

    Posted by: heil28
  • I'll serve anybody, if the neo-nazi didn't break the law, we shouldn't not serve them with anything.

  • In a business, money is money. I would not discriminate against a customer just because they hold a particular political ideology that I do not like. The same goes for race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

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PetersSmith says2015-04-06T16:41:36.3388670-05:00
That no picture isn't a Nazi symbol.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:43:02.5712787-05:00
I know.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:43:25.8490757-05:00
Although it's depressing how many people don't.
SamStevens says2015-04-06T16:50:25.1874323-05:00
Retrogamer176: Is that a Buddhist Swastika?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:51:23.8353365-05:00
PetersSmith says2015-04-06T16:52:37.2508633-05:00
SamStevens: Jainist, actually.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:53:34.3242863-05:00
Sam, do you know what a neo-nazi is?
Vox_Veritas says2015-04-06T16:56:27.8177360-05:00
Biased Poll
SamStevens says2015-04-06T16:57:14.8891433-05:00
Retrogamer176: A Neo-Nazim consists of post-World War II social or political movements seeking to revive the far-right-wing tenets of Nazism. A person's political/ideological beliefs shouldn't determine if they are served or not.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:57:34.2223522-05:00
How is it biased?
SamStevens says2015-04-06T16:57:38.3697455-05:00
Vox_Verias: Explain how this is a biased poll.
walle_ras says2015-04-06T16:58:51.1450126-05:00
I thought it was Hindu. ):
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T16:58:55.8417331-05:00
Sam, by voting yes, you are telling me that you would serve a neo-nazi.
SwizzardWizard says2015-04-06T16:59:47.7464676-05:00
@SamStevens I think that their ideological beliefs should determine whether they are served or not. Would you serve someone who's ideology is making sure everyone like you is dead?
SamStevens says2015-04-06T17:00:05.7201286-05:00
Retrogamer176: Their money is still good.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T17:00:43.4311135-05:00
So you're greedy?
Heraclitus says2015-04-06T17:02:02.5059928-05:00
SamStevens- Nazism is not far right. Peterssmith- That symbol is not just janist but generally a Sanskrit symbol used by a variety of cultures. Vox-Veritas- How is it biased?
Toxifrost says2015-04-06T17:02:07.7786914-05:00
How is he greedy? If you run a business money is money that's just how it works.
SamStevens says2015-04-06T17:03:43.1708569-05:00
Heraclitus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Nazism
ConceptEagle says2015-04-06T17:04:57.8622205-05:00
Which meaning of 'serve' are you referring to?
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T17:06:32.3964025-05:00
Business. Any. Retail, insurance, basically anything.
SamStevens says2015-04-06T17:16:08.4960236-05:00
Money is money in a business. As long as they do not cause a scene, there should be no problem serving them regardless of their political and religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, and whatnot.
Vox_Veritas says2015-04-06T17:25:02.4681196-05:00
It is biased because of the "front picture" of this poll, as well as the fact that this is a pretty obvious jab at the Left over the Indiana stuff.
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T17:31:26.7245839-05:00
Actually, the indiana law never crossed my mind when I made this.
reece says2015-04-06T18:00:01.2234931-05:00
@Tonius5 So you wouldn't serve an adulterer but you'd serve a neo-nazi that's married? I was going to say "a gay" at first but then i thought 'nah i'll go for something more pathetic that Christianity's against.'
heil28 says2015-04-06T19:01:16.5498712-05:00
Watch how different this would be if the poll was would you serve a jew. That shows your cold hearted bigotry
retrogamer176 says2015-04-06T20:59:48.7281219-05:00
@heil plz shut up. There is NO bigotry going on.

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