Would you support a law that made it illegal for the press to public information they knew to be false as factual

Posted by: Gareth_BM

  • Yes

  • No

92% 12 votes
8% 1 votes
  • Yes, news reporters are supposed to be reporting the truth.

    Posted by: TRPS6
  • It could be EASILY misused/abused by the government. Just look at what is going on right now. The trial against a news reporter reporting Pizzagate was made from an assumption that he was talking about the "hostage situation" (there was none). We all know it was really the sick, sadistic, things government people have been doing. Also, The idiotic false reports and rhetoric of Russia hacking the election is fake news that has been protruding since before the election, and now that they have lost, the left is looking for something to scapegoat; first they did the white male, but everyone was tired of that. so, they targeted Russia. The fact is, this fake news has gone mainstream, and if their government had won, they'd be blocking any other news outlets. Thank God they didn't.

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