• Take the leap.

  • Don't jump!

46% 11 votes
54% 13 votes
  • Why wouldn't you take the leap i would, mainly because i have a boring life so jumping off a cliff might just brighten my day a bit.

  • Mostly people are afraid of the obstacles and ditches in their life and stop there. Take a leap ,you will pass all those worries and will have a better life.

  • It really depends where the landing is, but yes, I probs would

  • I'd probably get shoved off anyways.

  • can someone get me a doctor, please

  • If I saw anyone with my own eyes perform a leap of faith from 50 feet onto land and walk away unscathed I would gladly follow them to the end of the earth but since that will never happen you need to be crazy to try. If a bunch of people try it though I'm sure all the bodies of the first people would eventually cushion the fall enough.

  • Better safe than sorry.

  • Faith in what? The ground? Hey ground, catch me I'm coming down now! Hey god, I'm going to jump of this cliff, catch me! That's not going to happen.

    Posted by: D0CT0R
  • Not unless I was suicidal.

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Lewimcdoodle says2013-09-20T04:42:24.9809329-05:00
Depends where the landing is....
yay842 says2013-09-20T18:27:02.4835647-05:00
Just imagine like assassin's creed
RavenLost says2013-09-22T19:51:31.2914888-05:00
Every time, I jumped ( 6 jumps total.) from an airplane, I took a leap of faith. Faith in the idea that my chute and reserve, were both packed properly and in good working order.
abyteofbrain says2013-09-24T14:20:19.1320703-05:00
"Depends where the landing is...." isn't a leap of faith.
yay842 says2013-10-15T00:03:58.6228230-05:00
Think of this question philosophically

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