Would you try shark fin soup for a $100,000?

Posted by: Logical.Assasinator

The authentic kind made with actual shark fins.

  • Yes

  • No way!

67% 6 votes
33% 3 votes
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Marcus_Fenix says2014-05-25T18:50:07.5813931-05:00
I would even settle for €10.00!
Dilara says2014-05-25T19:17:20.0316393-05:00
Even though I'm vegetarian I'd still eat it and than donate some of that money to animal rights groups. I'd also donate some money to charity groups that benefit people and of course spend some on me.
jyotipatel says2014-05-26T01:38:34.3408748-05:00
@Dilara Good..

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