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PetersSmith says2015-01-21T16:43:35.9492239-06:00
Only if he's a fascist too.
PetersSmith says2015-01-21T16:44:18.3202655-06:00
Just kidding, of course.
Leo.Messi says2015-01-21T16:55:52.1013233-06:00
TheAnonymousTipster says2015-01-21T17:02:04.9970742-06:00
Perhaps I should have spent longer trying to think of a synonym for my last comment... It has to go through moderation and weirdly I think my choice of word might still be considered swearing despite my careful context, haha
Vox_Veritas says2015-01-21T17:04:33.2736780-06:00
It depends on what his political agenda was compared to the opposition candidate from the other party.
humanconandrum says2015-01-21T17:06:23.1738967-06:00
Just because your an atheist dosnt mean you cant understand nor appreciate religion... @Redspectre
vaguelyjewishclearlyfab says2015-01-21T17:59:43.7532165-06:00
Redspectre: A majority of Americans are white. Does that mean we can't have a non-white president? Wait...On second thought, don't answer that.
PetersSmith says2015-01-21T18:18:46.6287346-06:00
Vaguelyjewishclearlyfab: That's apparently supposed to change soon.
debate_power says2015-01-21T18:40:24.4436228-06:00
Well, I'd have some reassurance against some backward logic, at least.
hayhen13 says2015-01-21T19:14:28.1230487-06:00
Redspectre, I your completely wrong. If you are an atheist is means you don't believe in God. That's it. Everything else is up to the individual. The idea that every Atheist has no morals is completely wrong I don't understand how you mistake this
Gubernaculum says2015-01-21T22:04:23.9377196-06:00
Redspectre, you have a point about our countrys christian founding, but I feel its a mistake to assume atheists would have significantly different moral values than the run of the mill theist. Sure they are not bound by a faith, but I'm sure if their in line for the presidency they can't be all that amoral.
funnycn says2015-01-22T07:02:21.3852034-06:00
Depends on his views.
Warik says2015-01-22T16:42:12.0332032-06:00
Depends on his platform.

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