Would you vote for Donald trump or Hillary Clinton

Posted by: Debateck

  • Donald Trump

  • Hillary Rodham Clinton

51% 76 votes
49% 72 votes
  • Trump!

  • Listen folks, I really don't like Trump, but if it were between him and Hillary, I would, without a doubt, choose Trump.

  • Trump is the only one who truly cares about America, and want's to restore America. Clinton's argument of "Vote me because I'm a Women!" isn't good enough.

  • Hilary is proven to be a criminal, we already know she is corrupt, and she is a moron. I don't have anything against a female president however Hilary is an idiot. Trump I am always iffy about. Overall I think Trump isnt really the most desirable president but better than Hilary. I would rather choose Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio over these two.

  • I only pick Trump due to the fact is dislike Hillary more than i do Trump... please do not let this become a reality.

  • Trump is a legit beast

    Posted by: ttb
  • Purely because of his econemic policies and nothing else, also his financial experience.

  • Stupid is better than shady

  • I honestly don't like trump. But, when put the choice between Trump and Clinton...I would without a doubt pick Trump. Hillary has been proven to have broken the law several times, and I'm really surprised that she is not in jail yet. Why Hillary People? Why?

  • cause he hates blacks

  • Donald trump is in my opinion candidate because he is miles better that Hillary Linton and Bernie the socialist.

  • Donald Trump should be president because he believes in establishing a stronger immigration policy. The United States is in debt due to people who refuse to pay their taxes. Those who don't pay taxes are ones who don't have a social security. Illegal immigrants do not have a social security so they don't have to pay taxes and they get away with crime. Donald Trump can change that. Social Media only shows the few flaws he makes when public speaking but overall his points are valid.

  • You other guys scare me... And why was this put in the category of "funny"... You really think Hillary could actually fix this country. She is a liberal dictator, your research is biased and a term I use in a justifiable way "retarded". Of course the stupidity of Americans is outrageous, but lets be clear: Anyone who does not vote for Hillary is assumed to be sexist, racist, or "Anti-American" ha.

  • Since this doesn't have to be a legit reason (After all, this is the Funny Forum) Donald Trump gets us closer to the Apocalypse, and honestly, who wouldn't want the freedoms of one? There would literally be nothing but survival and pleasure left. That would be way better then slow degradation of our country. ANARCHY POGCHAMP

  • At least trump doesn't lie and delete f. Sorry that would have said female but the email got erased. Anyways, Trump just says what's on every American's mind, but now that it is being said out loud, everyone is upset.

  • Trump is the only President that we can trust! He is the only one that has done what he said he would do before he was elected.

  • This election is down to who you hate the least and donald trump would be worse than hilary

  • Donald trump is a racist, a sexist, a man with absolutely horrifying morale . Though this man wants to fight terrorism , he will start a war in his own country. Hillary on the other side is way more independent and also has the personality to 'make America Great again' . If Clinton becomes president the country will have an iron lady who knows how to win !!

  • If Trump is elected, the world will blow up. Not even joking. He will most likely start a nuclear war that will blow up our entire planet. STOP HIM BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!!!

  • Trump is a sexist, racist pig who deserves to be sent out of America, just like he talks about doing for Muslims. I believe in equal rights for all classes and diverse groups, and Trump's efforts to banish all not like himself is a mere joke. Anybody even decently intelligent would understand why not to vote for Donald Trump, even if you happen to be a privileged white person.

  • Okay. I personally don't get why people are voting for Donald Trump. He's so stupid. In every debate or town hall, he doesn't even answer the questions, he just rambles on about how we need to 'wipe out ISIS' and deport all the Mexicans. Then he says we need to build a wall. But who will build the wall? Would Congress approve? Where would the money come from. Donald Trump is going to ruin this country.

  • Donald Trump is an April Fool's Prank gone wrong

  • Trump is a terrible, sexist, racist, and prejudice to all different kinds of people. The only people that he would make an effort to help would be white, Christian males. He wants to build a wall but that will only block off our relations to Mexico. He says he will make Mexico pay for it, but IT IS NOT IN HIS POWER TO DO THAT. He would be President of America not the world.

  • Dump Trump!!!

  • Honestly I think if trump were president, there would be World War 3.

  • i haaaaate trump

  • Donald Trump dose not set a good example to children, while Hillary Clinton is a hero to almost all girls, and shows how strong women can be when they try. Trump is also very ignorant, and thinks that immigrants shouldn't be well-immigrants. People, let's not forget that Donald Trump has an 11year old son-wow, I wonder how that happened.

    Posted by: Emna


  • hillary for shore

  • Really neither, but I'd prefer a feminist over a racist bigot

  • Trump Steaks. Case closed.

  • if trump is elected mexico will be nuked

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liltankjj says2016-03-04T21:34:09.5462817Z
I would more than likely vote independent. I can't deal with Hillary, and Trump scares me.
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T21:47:25.4591104Z
Hillary has a functioning brain, good morals and experience, Trump has nothing.
liltankjj says2016-03-04T21:50:44.7581993Z
@Fuwelius: That's an overstatement wonder where you got that one from?
reece says2016-03-04T21:51:20.0931053Z
@Fuwelius https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALXulk0T8cg Do you know who were called "Superpredators"?
reece says2016-03-04T21:52:35.1778305Z
She has experience, but horrible judgment? I'm not voting.
liltankjj says2016-03-04T21:55:03.0072209Z
@reece I agree with your assessment of her but I will try and vote for the first time ever this election cycle.
reece says2016-03-04T21:57:55.0952333Z
@liltankjj No, i mean on this poll. But if i was American, i would vote Bernie all the way.
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T21:59:53.7986769Z
IT's almost like voting between a schoolyard bully and the chick whose been in the student union for years for classpresident.
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:00:31.8324521Z
@ Reece: so you like what he is saying huh? I like that he is real and honest. I can respect him, but I also respectfully disagree with him.
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:02:34.2486391Z
@Fumelius: She kinda comes off as more of a bully to me then the Trumpkin. Just saying.
reece says2016-03-04T22:08:47.2791453Z
@liltankjj Disagree with him on what? Like raising minimum wage to $15/hr? If so, you'll need to argue with over 200 of the countries top economists - http://goo.gl/wfs41J
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T22:12:58.0463853Z
You keep telling yourself that, do you dream of trump taking you from behind?
reece says2016-03-04T22:15:53.7848913Z
@Fuwelius Is that reply directed at me?
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T22:19:43.3915785Z
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:20:24.6702369Z
@Fulwelius: I actually don't know where you get that info from cuz. But if that's the stuff you are into then hey.
reece says2016-03-04T22:21:06.3969005Z
@Fuwelius I'm a Bernie supporter...
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:22:00.7999017Z
@reece I actually have no problem arguing with any economist that want's to raise minimum wage. That is one of many things I disagree with him on.
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T22:23:17.5850705Z
Herpaderp right wing alert
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:25:39.2523029Z
@Fumelius: So I guess you'll take the care of the bullying for Hillary this time, huh?
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:27:38.8449693Z
@Reece: you ever think about those who actually worked there way to a higher wage, and how raising the minimum wage would effect them?
Rosalie says2016-03-04T22:29:10.2633133Z
Hillary has a functioning brain? Is that why she's a pathological liar, and lies about her stances?
liltankjj says2016-03-04T22:31:29.1536745Z
@rosalie: I wasn't even going to start with the details but there goes one of those elephants there.
reece says2016-03-04T22:32:48.9761053Z
@liltankjj It's all fair game. But It would be like debating that man made global warming and evolution are hoaxes to the scientific community. Unless you're well-versed in economics. If not, it almost seems you have no respect for the Areas of Study.
Fuwelius says2016-03-04T22:45:09.1229062Z
"What's your healthcare plane? - Rubio "I have many plans." - Trump
BrendanD19 says2016-03-05T01:52:50.3670368Z
Jill Stein
Stonehe4rt says2016-03-05T04:30:29.6650673Z
Really Ted Cruz is a better choice, Marco isnt bad either. However Both Marco and Trump are like children, interrupting each other, calling eachothers Ears like dumbo the elephants or saying the other has a small penis. I mean seriously? Ted has some flaws yeah, but the rest are immature or stuck in too old fashion of ways. Ted Cruz as President and Marco as Vice President, that seems like the best choice.
Fuwelius says2016-03-07T13:31:56.7908634Z
MArco Rubio is the only republican I want to see win. I support left wing nonetheless.
liltankjj says2016-03-07T14:14:54.5791028Z
@reece: It's not that I have no respect for the study, Its' that I have heard and read contradictory studies. I am not an authority on the subject but it is well known that it isn't written in stone. I challenge all that I hear and read whether I agree with it or not. I then form my own opinion off of the data I collect from studies.
liltankjj says2016-03-07T14:16:13.4844086Z
I am a Cruz supporter because he is the most in line with my conservative views.
Fuwelius says2016-03-07T14:17:31.8945518Z
You say conservative, I say idiotic. Each to their own.
liltankjj says2016-03-07T14:19:52.9466154Z
@Fuwelius: That would be the same to your views If I actually knew what they were.
liltankjj says2016-03-07T14:22:16.7483372Z
@Fuwelius: for the record bud conservative is not synonymous with idiot. Just saying.
Katt07 says2016-03-21T01:07:46.8179551Z
If Trump became president i would move to England...
liltankjj says2016-03-21T13:11:34.0323045Z
@Katt07: that's the spirit, I'll stay here and fight the good fight.
MicaylaMae says2016-03-29T22:57:40.4085024Z
Why should somone who is under FBI investigations for national security be allowed to run for presidant?
ilikeducks says2016-05-05T18:20:59.9585025Z
To be honest i would choose hilary
SirMaximus says2016-05-30T01:07:04.8394697Z
I'd vote for Gary Johnson.

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