Would You Vote For Someone Of Complete Native American Descent For American Presidency?

Posted by: pozessed

If their views agreed with yours, would you vote for them? I'm trying to imply his/her family never bred outside their tribe.

  • I'd vote for a true Native American

  • I wouldn't vote for a Native American

88% 37 votes
12% 5 votes
  • I see why not if their views agreed with mine.

  • Note the "I see why not if their views agreed with mine."

  • Yes, and I'm not sure why this should matter to anyone else either.

    Posted by: vortux
  • Why not? If they're good and convincing. I'd vote for someone who'd make a great leader.

    Posted by: yay842
  • If I agreed with them, sure, I'd vote for them. I mean, Native Americans were the first US citizens... (-1 to Lannan)

  • Why not? They were here before us, why shouldn't they? I wouldn't view them differently from any other president. What's the difference between them and Obama besides descent and skin color?

  • I'd vote for anyone who does not want to screw over america.

  • im not racist, i'd vote for who had the best ideas, not based on their ethnicity or country of orgin.

  • If I agreed with someone their skin color is the least important thing.

    Posted by: Jo2599
  • Why not? Native Americans can rule just as well as anything.

  • I'm sure that they deserve as much a right to lead our nation as the white guys who could give two craps about the people. After all, this is their country and we happen to be invaders.

  • If they had opinions that matched mine and ran a good campaign, then why not? The only reason this is a question is because of people who don't believe that native americans have any rights, or aren't as good as immigrant americans (people of non-native descent).

  • Yes, because their unique and were all equal and it would be new to finally see another race instead of just one race everytime and if barack obama did it then we can to. P.S im a native american

  • Duh. Why would you say "bred"?

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Delliss says2013-09-18T17:33:26.5178695-05:00
I'm not American, but is this really the kind of questions citizens ask themselves before voting? (I'm not talking just about Americans - I'm pretty sure people are the same, more or less, everywhere) You are voting for someone's ideas, not for their origins.
pozessed says2013-09-18T18:56:01.0521051-05:00
Lannans answer is exactly why I asked the question. I didn't ask for racist purposes but because of citizenship purposes. I am curious if people actually consider native Americans "American" enough to be president. I thought the question was ironic because they are more American than any of us.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-18T22:13:30.9396292-05:00
Terrifyingly- yes, Americans really do consider that. There are a ludicrous number of people that stated in 2008 that they couldn't vote Democrat because Obama was black or Hillary was a woman. Polls have showed that minority religions/religious positions like Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, atheism, etc, have pretty much no chance of getting elected no matter what their views and policies are. We have one Hindu in Congress. We only had one atheist, who since has left. No Buddhists, a scant couple Muslims. A few Jews. Far fewer women than in the population as a whole. Certainly not representative of the diversity of America- our government is mostly rich white men.
wmatychuk says2013-09-19T17:40:32.5674586-05:00
@Skepikitten I agree with you on the factor of Hillary Clinton. In history, you see many female leaders that were far more successful than many male ones, i.E. Queen Isabella, Elizabeth I, that Eqyptian one who's name escapes my at the moment, and Theodora.
TheYummyCod says2013-09-26T08:35:47.9895788-05:00
Native Americans are NOT U.S. Citizens. People who said that they would vote for someone who had, and I quote, "never bred outside their tribe", are complete idiots. You cannot vote for a Native American; and to do so pseudo-illegal.
MuchaMoola says2014-04-17T22:37:19.6717636-05:00
@TheYummyCod Aren't you a genius. How can we call ourselves citizens of a land that does not truly belong to us. They're not citizens because they do not need to be; it's their land! And we've taken over it and changed laws so that it benefits us and not them. So if there does happen to be a Native American man who runs for president, then I'll be fully open to what he has to say. It's people like you that are hindering the progress of our nation.

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